Warwick India Forum was setup in 2011 with the goal of generating an interest in various matters relating to India - ranging from its rapid economic growth, controversial politics and foreign policy, unique culture, and even its rich history. Each year sees the forum adopt a new theme and a new crop of speakers talking about ideas and issues key to the Indian story.

India is nothing short of fascinating. A land of 1.2 billion people constituting the world’s largest democracy; a nation with a history that has followed the contours of ancient civilizations; a nation divided by miles, centuries of progress, languages, ethnicities, religions and cultures; a nation that stands proudly against all odds before the world, as a miracle of sorts, with soaring growth rates even in a time of economic crisis. India means so many different things to so many different people, and put simply, Warwick India Forum tries to explain and question just these differences that make up today’s India.

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