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What we do

The Warwick UN Society is dedicated to championing the United Nations, its values and principles, and promoting the crucial actions that this unique organisation operates to save lives, encourage peace and protect the environment. The Society has two main branches: We practice Model United Nations debating, where we simulate debate in real United Nations councils and committees. More seriously, our UN branch deals with hosting expert speakers, organising debates and talks, and running UN Project events in support of campaigns like the Global Sustainable Development goals.

As a member of the UN Society, you will have full access to all of our academic and social events, you will be able to hear the makers and the doers of international politics, and you will have the chance to run for Exec during elections!

Fun things

MUN Socials are a bit like MUN, which means it’s an absolute blast, but also a little bit formal when the occasion calls for it. Over a pint of Warwick’s finest brews, you’ll be able to get to know your diplomatically-oriented colleagues, and our dedicated Socials Officer will introduce you to the songs that grace every merriment at Warwick!

What we love about MUN

MUN is basically what makes the world go around for anyone who liked international politics. MUN will teach you about the world in a way that no academic can. Delegates have to keep decorum and adhere to the Rules of Procedure, but after that it’s no holds barred! The best part of MUN is treading the line between navigating your country through a diplomatic minefield, improving the global situation while making sure that your interests are never off the table. It looks complicated on paper, but once you’ve caught the spirit of MUN, there’s simply no turning back! The Society’s dedicated Training Officer and his team are always available to help progress members of all levels, and our training program will see you a more knowledgeable and more able diplomat in no time.


A special feature of MUN at Warwick is known as Crisis Branch, which is composed of crisis cabinets/committees. Crisis is loosely based on standard MUN, but differs in that participants usually impersonate a character who need not be an actual UN Delegate. Crisis cabinets can be government cabinets, war cabinets, parties or coalitions, which then fight between each other for dominance. While participants fight in their own cabinets, a Crisis Team will be creating the scenario, effectively making up a story, dropping a nuke if they get bored, and forcing delegates to react quickly to avoid, among other things, having their character killed off! Crisis MUN is completely unpredictable, and so much more fun because of it!


Warwick MUN Conference

The Warwick MUN Society hosts our own annual Warwick MUN Conference, or WarMUN. Primarily composed of Crisis Cabinets, we are celebrating the 11th Anniversary of WarMUN in February 2018! WarMUN is famous for being the first exclusively Crisis MUN Conference in the UK, a trend that has since also appeared at other notable conferences around the country. With participants from around the world, WarMUN XI is going to be one of the most intense Conferences of the year, and is open to Warwick MUN Society members at a discounted price!

External conferences

Not only do we host our own conference, but we will also take part in some of the world class MUN conferences happening here in the UK: we already have SaintMUN (Saint Andrews), CUIMUN (Cambridge), OXIMUN (Oxford), ReadiMUN (Reading), LIMUN (London), ScotMUN (Edinburgh) and ManMUN (Manchester) lined up! We are really looking forward to these events, as they will enable us to discover new cities and people, as well as to demonstrated how Warwick MUNers debate!


Check out our website at http://warwickmodelun.org !

Feel free to contact us on Facebook!

Freshers group 2017/18 - https://www.facebook.com/groups/121109401874698/

Society page ~ https://www.facebook.com/warwickmunsoc/

Conference page ~ https://www.facebook.com/WarwickMUN/

President ~ Daniel Azaz
Vice-President ~ Constance Bobotsi
Secretary ~ Aarti Advani
Treasurer ~ Josh Markert
Training Officer ~ Fariha Baba
Social and Publicity Officer ~ Henry Wade
Conference Manager ~  Kevin Tsang
Secretary General ~ Zoé Colpaert
Deputy Secretary General ~ Ognjen Milicevic
Crisis Director ~ Maria Slobodina

Here are our Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/warwickmun/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WarwickMUN

Snap: warwickmunexec

And please don't hesitate to send us an email at: warwickmunexec@gmail.com

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