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Welcome to JISoc!  We are the place to be if you're Jewish, Israeli, both, or just interested in our religion or in Israel!

We host Bagel Lunches in our dedicated JCR (Jewish Common Room) every Wednesday and host regular Friday Night Dinners cooked lovingly buy your amazing Shabbat Co-ordinators; Sophie & Flore.

JISoc also hosts specials events, for example Circling for POP! on Purim or Yom Ha'atzmaut ceremony that takes place on the piazza, right in the heart of campus.



Our Chaplain is Rabbi Fishel Cohen and he joins us on Wednesdays for Bagel Lunches as well as for our various special events throughout the year.


If you want anymore information then feel free to like our Facebook page and send us a message - we would all be more than happy to help!


JISoc Facebook Page

Meet your exec for 2016/17!
(From left to right) Flore, Elena, Mara, Michele, Alejandra, Julia, Daniel & Adam

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