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Enactus Warwick is a global non-profit organization active in more than 40 countries and over 1800 universities. Dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurial skills of university students in a way that is both effective in developing their future careers and meaningful to the community, we aim to develop projects that enable progress through entrepreneurial action.

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Client Portfolio Manager
Niilo Laiho
Co Social Director
Vinamra Maloo
Consulting Director
Sara Klimesova
Corporate Relations Executive
Ashwani Nagpal
Equal Ops
Inderpreet Sira
Marketing Deputy
Lara Demiroglu
Inderpreet Sira
Agnieszka Korycka
Tuisha Seksaria
Social Secretary
Siddhartha Kansal
Lo Lee
Vice President
Agnieszka Korycka

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