We are a society for anyone interested in Classics or Ancient History, or who likes a good night at Pop! and anyone who wants to be a part of a flourishing and  constantly growing society on campus! 

We could tell you all about who we are and everything we do on this webpage, but you would be scrolling for a while...so instead, check out our blog!


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But if you're looking for a reason right now to join, here are 5 awesome facts about our society:                    


  •  A range of socials: everything from Kasbah to kyaking on the river, our social secs make sure there is something for everyone, and we strive to include as many sober socials on our calendar as we can for those of our members who may not be the biggest drinkers!
  •  It’s not all about togas: as much as we love dressing up in our finest bedsheets, we have plenty of other themes in circles, such as 'Festivals' and 'Pyjama Party'

  • Classics Ball! Warwick Classics Ball is a fairly new tradition but a successful one at that!

  •  Netball, Football, Quidditch? Whatever your sport, Warwick Classics wants to get involved. 

  • Every year we go on three tours, one in the UK and the others abroad. In previous years we have gone to places like Dubrovnik, Prague, Chester and Canterbury.


Instagram: officialwarwickclassics

Twitter: @WarwickClassics

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Any questions?

Email Hannah Thorpe (President) - H.Thorpe@warwick.ac.uk

or Tara McMaster (Welfare Officer) - T.McMaster@warwick.ac.uk,

who will be happy to answer your questions or put you in contact with another exec memeber who can help. 


Classics Exec 2018/2019

President - Hannah Thorpe 

Vice President - Hamish Traill

Secretary - Dillon Patel

Social Secretaries - Rosie Mullen and Theo Guinness

Welfare Officer - Tara McMaster

Publicity Officer - Zahra Manji

Sports and Charities Officer - Mo Taher

Tour Officer - Clare Mahon

Play Director - Kelsi Russell














Easter Tour
20th March noon - 25th March noon
We're going on tour again!!

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Easter Tour
20th March noon - 25th March noon
We're going on tour again!!

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