Welcome to the Art Society at the University of Warwick!

Warwick may not teach art, and the campus may not be the most colourful… but we know its students are creators and we’re here to bring them together. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve studied art to A-level or if you are just a novice doodler!

Join our society and nurture your creativity!

What do we do?

• Life Drawing

Sessions twice a week in terms 1 and 2, and once a week (exam timetable permitting) in term 3. Sessions are just £1.50 for art society members and £2.50 for non-members; visit the Life Drawing Facebook page for more details and the locations of the sessions -https://www.facebook.com/warwicklifedrawing .

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Jo Baxter or Lydia Ip, our life drawing coordinators, by sending an email to w.y.ip@warwick.ac.uk or j.baxter@warwick.ac.uk. 

• Workshops

Classes, tutorials and themed sessions held as often as we can all throughout the year. From watercolour painting and pencil skills, to dreamcatchers and street art, keep an eye on our Facebook page for all of the details for our upcoming workshops.

For any more information, please send your inquiries to Eleanor Astley or Oliwia Wieczorek, our workshop coordinators, by emailing e.astley@warwick.ac.uk or o.wieczorek@warwick.ac.uk. 

• Talks

We know that art isn’t just recreational and that it forms a part of many students’ career ambitions, so we are aiming to put on talks by professionals in the creative industries as often as we can. From illustrators and graphic creators, to artists in residence and interior designers, watch this space for details on talks.

For any requests or suggestions, please contact Jordanne Wood by emailing j.wood.2@warwick.ac.uk. 

• Socials

Despite our name, we don’t just meet up to do art, but we sometimes go out to do it too (if you can call DIY costumes for circling art). Whether you’re into the fun of POP! on Wednesdays, meals and nights out and about or arty events without alcohol, we’ve got plenty coming up!

For ideas or questions, please contact Lewis Hutchinson or Ben Nestel, our social secretaries, by emailing l.j.hutchinson@warwick.ac.uk or b.nestel@warwick.ac.uk. 

• Trips 

As arty as we may be, there’s a whole world out there and we’ll help you see it. We’re planning lots of trips to galleries and exhibitions, a few arty trips to London and a tour is potentially on the horizon. We’ll let you know here what’s happening and when. Don’t miss out!

We think that we’re a pretty cool society, but we want to do more! If you’ve got any ideas for collaborations or potential sponsorships to help us out, please contact Michael Kynaston, our treasurer, by sending an email to m.kynaston@warwick.ac.uk. 

For publicity inquiries or suggestions, please send your emails to Will Kerry at w.kerry@warwick.ac.uk. 

For general inquiries, please contact Jordanne Wood or Joel Dudley, our president and Vice, by emailing j.wood.2@warwick.ac.uk or j.dudley.1@warwick.ac.uk. 



Check out our Facebook group and the Life Drawing page to get involved...

See you at the Freshers Fair!

Love from the Art Society team!


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