Looking for a place to chill, meet new people, and explore your creative talents? Look no further then Artsoc, bringing colour to Warwick's grey concrete campus since 1999-ish (probably).

We know Warwick has an artistic side. Hidden deep in the recesses of the 60s architecture lies a germ of creativity just waiting to burst out and cover all of campus in a million colours.

Let your creativity roar, join today!

Get involved with:

LIFE DRAWING sessions run twice a week in terms 1 and 2, and once a week in term 3. All materials are provided. Classes are only £1.50 for members and £2.50 for non-members. A free session is awarded to whichever drawing gets the most likes if you upload it to the Life Drawing Facebook page!

For enquiries about life drawing, message:

PRACTICAL ART WORKSHOPS every two weeks starting from week 3, with a wide range of activities, including still life drawing, pottery, T-shirt designing, self portrait drawing and simply relaxed sessions where you can draw whatever you want. Plus an annual EXHIBITION where you can showcase your artistic output for the year in style.

And of course, the SOCIALS where everyone can drink a ludicrous amount of cheap alcohol and make an utter fool of themselves OR simply chill at a pub in true laid back ArtSoc fashion.

A SPRING TRIP where Warwick ArtSoc does (a marginally more refined) lads on tour. Soak up the cultural juices of Europe as well as their fine alcoholic refreshments. Look out for DOMESTIC TRIPS to London or Birmingham as well to visit galleries, markets and do some fun artistic activities.


Email us with ideas, art news or just for a general chat:

Check out our Facebook group and the Life Drawing page to get involved.

We have BIG PLANS for ArtSoc in the next year. Seriously, be excited.

Big love from your exec, hope to see you there!

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