“Right then, team. Ohh, I hate people saying team. Umm… gang? Umm… comrades? Err… Anyway…”

Warwick WhoSoc, established by some particularly wonderful people way, way back in 2014, is a society at the University of Warwick dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, and creation of all things related to the BBC Science-Fiction/Drama, 'Doctor Who'.

What we do:
Every single Friday of term, you can find us at 6:30 over in Humanities (H0.58) showing screenings from the entire half-century of Doctor Who history. We cover everything, from the curmudgeon-ness of the Hartnell era, the gothic mystique of the Fourth Doctor's tenure, the patchwork fever dream that was the 1980's, the sass and angst of the Russell T Davies years, all the way upto the aging rockstar charm of Twelve (with a few stops here and there to visit Cardiff, Bannerman Road, Coal Hill, and wherever the hell K9 and Company is set...)

Not only do we do screenings every week, but we have a whole range of special events throughout the year, including trips to Comic Con's and Cardiff Bay (which may or may not include sneak peaks at the show being filmed sometimes), quiz nights, games nights, an active lending library, audio screenings of brand new Big Finish stories, casual socials and meetups.

And if you've EVER wanted to be in Doctor Who, or write the adventure you've always dreamed of, we also produce our own series of Doctor Who radio dramas over at RaW throughout the year, with our very own Doctor and Companions. We welcome any and all creative types aboard the project, it's a fun and relaxed atmosphere that's a great way to express your artistic side. Previous Episodes can be found here.

WhoSoc is almost 60 members strong, and full of interesting and diverse characters from all walks of life. Run by a six-person exec team, the society plays hosts to people with a wide range of opinions on the show, from those who grew up with Nine, Ten and Eleven, to those who've sat through The Twin Dilemma willingly multiple times, to people who'd never even seen Doctor Who before joining. Everyone is inviting and open, so regardless of your familiarity with the show, you'll be more than welcome.

Your exec are:

President – Daniel Stubbs-Benbow (1st Year, Theatre and Performance Studies)

Secretary – Rebecca Pickering (1st Year, Psychology)

Treasurer – David Wheatley (2nd Year, Chemistry)

Publicity Officer – Julian Bird (2nd Year, Film Studies)

Social Secretary – Jenny Benton (1st Year, Classics)

Welfare Officer – Giles Allen-Bowden (2nd Year, Film and Literature)


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