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Warwick Tap is one of Britain's longest-running tap dance societies. We run weekly classes offering training to tap dancers of every level, whether you're an advanced tapper or you've never worn tap shoes before! Throughout the year we host a variety of socials, compete in university dance competitions and perform in festivals and showcases. We also stage Pizazz which is Warwick’s largest dance show. This takes place in Term 2 and brings together hundreds of the university’s dancers. We’re a fun and friendly society that welcomes all tappers regardless of ability!
Organisers of:
The University's Biggest Dance show
All classes are held at Westwood Dance Studio


BEGINNERS: Our Beginners class is perfect for those who have never Tap danced before or for those who may have learnt Tap as a child and want to start learning again! You will learn simple steps to begin with before building up to more complex routines. We have plenty of Tap shoes that you can borrow and welcome new starters any time of the year! You will also have the opportunity to perform in 'Pizazz' - though there is no pressure to if you don't want to!
INTERMEDIATES: Our Intermediate class is aimed at those who have mastered the basic steps and are able to learn at a faster pace than beginners. The class will cover moves such as pull backs, suzie cues and complex time steps. If you are familiar with most Tap steps and are ready to learn more complicated moves, this is the class for you! The Intermediate class also has the opportunity to perform in 'Pizazz' and other showcases throughout the year.
ADVANCED: In this class we build on the intermediate steps, making them faster and putting them into more complex routines. This class is for more experienced tappers who have plenty of Tap knowledge and have been dancing for a long time. The Advanced class always performs the first dance in 'Pizazz' and performs in a variety of showcases and events throughout the year.
COMPETITION/PERFORMANCE CLASS: This class is open to Intermediate and Advanced members who wish to compete in National University Dance Competitions in Term 2, as well as at other exciting and distinguished events. Better yet, if you enjoy choreographing and think you could devise a great routine, you will have the opportunity to apply to be the choreographer for this class!
T.A.P (technique & performance) CLASS: In this class, members will focus specifically on the technique and performance elements of tap. These are vital skills for tappers and so we have found that a class dedicated to this is essential to improve overall performance. If you wish to improve as a tapper by learning more about technical elements or if you just want to work on your star quality on stage, this is the class for you!

Members: Prices are £2.50 for classes

Non Members: Prices are  £3.50 for classes

Term Passes are also available at the start of each Term for members.
If you are unsure of which class to join, please do contact us, check out our videos on YouTube and come along to our FREE Taster Sessions during Week 1!
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Exec 2018/19:

  • President: Sophie Kempston
  • Vice President: Imogen Allport
  • Head of Teaching: Izzy Gatward
  • Social Sec: Rachel Hutchinson
  • Social Sec: Florence Coventry
  • Publicity: Charlotte Jones
  • Treasurer: Rebecca Sheehan
  • Show Co-ordinator: Eden Haslam
  • Secretary: Becky Lyon
  • Costumes Co-ordinator: Harriet Glanville


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