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The Warwick Indian Music Ensemble (WIME) is one of the most active and most ambitious student-run musical societies on campus.

We comprise of a great team of talented and enthusiastic musicians with varied skill sets and knowledge, backed by several cultural backgrounds. Yet, all share the willingness to and extend our musical capacities. 

WIME endeavours to bring to its members an opportunity to connect with music and people from around the world. We explore several kinds of musical styles and genres, ranging from Indian classical music to beautiful Sufi songs, from regional folk melodies to the latest Bollywood tunes, and sometimes just a fusion of all of these! 
Our rehearsals are just as fun and interesting as our performances, and we try to showcase every aspect of Indian music, and beyond, on stage. Our numerous performances throughout the years, including our proudest involvement in the famous Warwick Fused concerts, exhibits our passion and strength as a team. We aim to continue to enlarge and enrich our society with more and more musicians in the coming years. 
Whether you are interested in singing, playing instruments, performing or simply listening to music, you’re in the right place. Wherever your interest lies, WIME has something to offer you music lovers!


  • Performed in Fused, one of the biggest musical concerts on campus, for four years consecutively.
  • Performed in One World Week's World Music Concert and Market Day events.
  • Performed at TEDx Warwick events
  • Collabarated with Warwick Hindu Society, Tamil Society with performances in Dharmafest 2013 and Thaalam and societies' Diwali Dinner and Dance events.
  • Performed in our tutor's student performance event 'Colours of Melody'.
  • Performed in lunchtime and dinner concerts in the Warwick Arts Centre

Our Aims

  • Maintain and further elevate the soceities activites and member base
  • Networking and performing with other musical societies on campus, such as the Warwick World Music group, and getting involved with playing in front of huge crowds
  • Extend the ensemble's outreach towards charitable causes
  • Using the social media platforms to keep you updated
  • Promote Indian music in its many different forms to the wider university population


  • Co-Presidents: Lathika Shyam & Sriram Shriananda
  • Treasurer: Yashna Sookun

Contact us

  • Email: wimesoc@gmail.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarwickIndianMusicEnsemble
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/Warwick_WIME
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVGjYL7eaKekOs6iFo6xcJw
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