Welcome to What the F*- wait, I mean Warwick Tricking and Freerunning!!


We don't care if you're a boy, a girl, a cat or a brick. Anyone can join and we guarantee if you keep coming to training you'll be able to flip or vault outside whenever you feel like it!

Honestly, you might be sceptical about your ability to do this and think: "It looks awesome but I could NEVER do that myself!"



Genuinely ANYONE can do this sport no matter what your shape or size.
We've seen 50 year olds with beer bellies consistently train until even they can flip! 



Well what exactly is the Warwick Tricking & Freerunning society?

We are a  society catering to all those who wish to practice Parkour, Freerunning, Tricking, and Gymnastics or just have fun! To help save on confusion here is a brief description of the differences between the sports:

  • Parkour:  Getting from point 'A' to point 'B' as quickly and as efficiently as possible. It is a non-competitive sport of traversing mainly urban landscapes using only your body. Skills such as vaulting, rolling, swinging and wall scaling are employed. No flips
  • Tricking: A relatively new underground alternative sport movement which combines martial arts with gymnastics and any other medium such as breakdancing to create an "aesthetic blend of flips, kicks, and twists."
  • Free Running: This sport is a hybrid of Parkour and Tricking, the only goal is to "enjoy the art of movement". It combines the efficient moves and vaults of Parkour with the aesthetically pleasing flips of Tricking. It is practised outside in urban areas and all manner of styles are used.



WTF we need insurance?? This is a one off annual cost of £28 (bring to session), we know it's expensive but hey it's one off and it's really worth it to use the gym facilities!!

Session Details:

Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre, Fairfax Street, Coventry, CV1 5RY          - opposite pool meadow

Wednesday 1.30-4.00pm in the gym, for the wednesday taster sessions there will be a free minibus taking people from campus directly to the gym, we're meeting outside costcutter at 12:15. Throughout the rest of the year there is a bus (the 12) from campus at 12:15 from the arts centre, buses can be gotten from Leamington too (X15, X18). £6 session + bus money.

Sunday 12.30-3.30pm in the gym, bus from campus is 14:25 from the art centre, Sunday busses from Leamington to Cov are the U17 or 11, the same with campus to cov. £6 for the session + bus money.
When training in the gym you just want to be wearing anything light and comfortable, no shoes will be worn and I would advice against socks as they can be slippery - you can get changed if you need to once there.


Socials will be at least once every 2 weeks, the day will depend on what were doing. Get invited to the events by joining the Societies Facebook Page. We have them:

On Campus-  We love the Fresh so we have socials on their doorstep, we will circle and end up at POP or Top B.

Off Campus-  There are many nights out in leam, not that we will remember them all...

After Session- We love to train hard but we equally love eating at Nando's. This will happen whenever somebody suggests it.



From time to time we will take the opportunity to show off our skills on stage, some include the 2013 Fashion Show where we somersaulted down the catwalk in £130 Onepiece's!! and Worlds got Talent! 


To get in touch with the society the best approach is to:


  We love a good video, most of us getting into the sport from watching countless numbers of them, heres a video of some of our members:





For those that think you need to be skinny or muscular to do this:


Here are a couple of other videos on Parkour, Tricking and Free Running:


(Every stunt in this video actually happens, no CGI or trick camera work)




Free Running

(Skip to about 55 seconds in)



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