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This year is a particuarly exciting one for the society as we will be offering the most impressive, diverse academic and social experience that Politics Society has ever offered. It does not matter whether you study a politics related subject or not, we are a very friendly, all-encompassing society.


What We Offer:

We are a student-run, politically neutral society within the Warwick Students' Union dedicated to giving you a brilliant experience here. We pride ourselves on being an open and welcoming society and we can guarantee that you will make friends here, so don't worry about a thing! Joining PolSoc opens a variety of opportunities for you:

Academic - Thanks to our mentoring scheme, members can be supported academically by an older student. We also offer a platform for political dialogue in the University- we organise a variety of academic events, ranging from Hustings for the General Election, to engaging lectures from prominent figures, to Question Time events on pressing issues.

Social - We have a packed shedule of socials throughout the year such as the infamous circling before Wednesday POP, movie nights, as well as society meals. If you're a fresher, we have a lot in store for you for Freshers' fortnight and beyond! Apart from our week-to-week socials, we organise a domestic and an international tour, as well as a ball, giving you the chance to explore new places and meet people on your course. 

Journalism - Every term, we publish our renowned Perspectives magazine on current affairs. Everyone has the opportunity to write for Perspectives- just join the Perspectives Writers Facebook group or. Perspectives also runs its own weekly radio show on RaW 1251 AM, whereby Henry Riley discusses current affairs with a panel of students.

Sports - PolSoc has its own eleven-a-side football team, playing against other societies in the University. If you are interested in joining it, contact the Team Captain Liam Burke.

Careers - We hold a range of popular and successful careers events which include talks from PAIS Department alumni, networking events from our sponsors, and lectures from careers staff about future employment.

Charity - We pride ourselves on being a charitable society. Throughout the year, you should expect a number of charity events, like Charity circles.


Exec 2017-18

President - Ben Newsham

Vice President & Secretary - Sasha Gibbons

Treasurer & Sponsorship Officer - Evan Reekie

Academic Officers - Daniel Azaz, Ben Hayday

Social Secretaries - Leonardo Palma, Azzura Moores

Perspectives Co-Editors - Miruna Mihaila, Henry Riley

Charity & Welfare Officer - Calum Mason

Tour Secretary - Sophie Cowling

Publicity Officer - Constance Bobotsi



Website - http://warwickpolsoc.com

Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/warwickpolsoc

Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/2232306778/

Freshers Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1217713951607322/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/warwickpolsoc

Instagram - https://instagram.com/warwickpolsoc 


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