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Do you know the alphabet in any language?

Then you’re already a writer. Most people flex language each day without contemplating what they’ve done. Writing Society offers you a space, not only to continue to manoeuvre the language choices that you make, but to understand why you make them. Writing fiction, poetry, scripts, plays, lists, dates, times, numbers and ingredients allows the manipulation of words in a meaningful frivolity.

We meet twice a week to discuss, themes, practices, plots, devices and to argue about the meaning of words, the controversy of character and the balance of genred and free-formed thoughts. You can take our sessions as seriously as you like, whether you're perfecting your magnum opus or just looking for some light-hearted fun, our sessions offer something for everyone. 

On Wednesdays we hold themed sessions (eg. horror, fantasy, YA, romance) from 2:00 - 3:30
On Fridays we hold critique and feedback sessions where you can look more closely at the process of editing from 1:00 - 3:00.
We also hold regular socials including our infamous Writer-All-Nighter, our newly traditional bar and ice-cream crawls (the ice-cream is a very important part), and occasional trips out into the big wide world...

If you can't make our regular sessions, or you simply can't get enough of us, why not write for the Dodo? We accept constant submissions and push creative writing of every type around campus, both online and in physical print with our beautiful scrolls. Each issue has a set theme, but you can totally ignore it if you like. Anything goes at the Dodo. 

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Meet our Exec!

Every society has an exec - a group of people who run the society with help from the SU. We deal with every aspect of the society, such as sending you our weekly emails, planning and advertising events and regular socials, putting together the Dodo, and mainly just beng a really fun bunch of people. If The Writing Society is the place for you, then you'll see us around a lot, and maybe you'll even be on the exec yourself in the future! Below you can find out who we are so you can spot us among the crowds!

Sophie - President                                                                                     


Jon - Secretary 

Filip - Sessions Coordinator

Giles - Social Secretary

Angela - Publicity

Sophie - Treasurer

Amy - Dodo Editor

Ellis - Dodo Editor

Ant - Dodo Editor

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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