Are you left-handed? Ever struggled while using a normal scissors? Ever complained about the strong bias towards right-handed people in this world? Then, come along and join us! The LeftiesSoc is open to everyone (yes, even if you’re right-handed)!

Left-handed people have frequently been subjected to deliberate discrimination and disparagement. In many different cultures, they are considered unlucky or even malicious by the right-handed majority.

The LeftiesSoc aims to encourage and support left-handed people. It will be a platform to raise awareness and dispel myths associated with left-handed people. This will be done via discussions regarding latest research on left-handedness.

Our engaging events include debates on superstitions and myths, and regular socials. We will have sports and music sessions where the equipment is to your advantage. With a range of exciting events planned you do not want to be left out of LeftiesSoc!


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