Hello! Welcome to the Friends of Palestine Society, everyone is welcome to join. We will advertise our events on the main Facebook Page. Most importantly please join, it's free! 

Warwick Friends of Palestine is a community of Warwick University students aiming not only to raise awareness on the struggle for a Palestinian state but also on the social and cultural aspects of the Palestinian nation.

We will host a number of events that will firstly remove the political lens and try to showcase the rich culture in which Palestinians thrive, and secondly, explain the struggle which accompanies a Palestinian’s day-to-day life.

We will analyse and discuss the ways in which the Palestinian nation was fragmented and why that is, and positive ways in which social justice and unity can be achieved moving forward.

We aim to see a world that is free from oppression and inequality. We want to be a part of the worldwide movement for social justice, the right for self-determination and freedom from occupation regardless of religion, ethnicity, and origin.

We encourage freedom of speech and expression at any time during our events, and strictly oppose any racist, sexist, Anti-Semitic or other discriminatory comments, acts, jokes or, ‘banter,’ directed towards anyone.

  • President: Yasmin Huleileh
  • Vice-President: Aseel Kasab
  • Secretary: Adam S. Jarvis
  • Treasurer: Sahar Aslam
  • Events Co-Ordinator: Naeem Mohamed
  • Media Officer: Nitin Wadhwa
  • Public Relations Officer: Mahmoud Abdou
  • Campaigns Officer: Ella Hattey
  • Academic Officer: Amin Abdelaziz
  • Freshers’ Representative: Lisa Lueger


There are no referenda running at the present time.

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