Welcome fellow lovers of cheese and chocolate. Are all those other societies grating on your last nerve?  

Well here at Cheese and Chocolate we know all the twix of the trade for having e-dam good time! So if you want to be a part of events that minstrels will one day sing of, whether a chocoholic or a cheese connoisseur or even someone who doesn't like either, there's stil-tons of fun to be had at our many fabulous socials.

Our world renowned events involve chocolate fountains, fondue and deliciously fun chocolate and cheese themed games and activities. 

We expect to have at least one event per month (possibly more!) and in addition to that, we will have trips to different cheese and/or chocolate themed places!

Interested? Then head over to our facebook group to find out more!




President: Daniel Tones

Secretary: Katharine Wilson-Jarvis

Treasurer: Kaashni Malik

Marketing and Publicity: Richard Garlick


If you have any questions, feel free to email us or post on our facebook group.

Note: If you have any dietary requirements, including being lactose intolerant, then please send us an email a couple of days before the event and we will have vegan cheese and chocolate ready for you.


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