China Development Society (CDS) - formerly known as CPASS

About CDS

China Development Society (formerly known as CPASS), was established in 2010. It aims to expose its members to the diversity of cultures at Warwick and to satisfy the need for intellectual discussion amongst the international community at the University, with a particular focus on China and developing countries’ issues.

As an English speaking academic society, CDS always support and promote discussions among our members regardless of their cultural background. We believe that understanding is the first step to eliminate discrimination and conflict. 

Think Tank

Our academic department, Think Tank organises student-led events such as China Talk on a regular basis to encourage more to share with the others how they perceive the world and why so. Furthermore, external speakers are often invited to come to campus to talk about their specialised areas of research, previous topics include gender discrimination in China and innovation in technology. 

Think Tank is also responsible for organising our annual event – China Summit. At which, we bring together a panel of speakers from all over the UK to come to Warwick and discuss current issues and phenomenon in China and other developing countries.  


CDS’s very own career department has been bringing excellent CV workshops and Career insight events to our members. Co-operating with Warwick Student Careers & Skills this year, we will continue to perfect our service and support our members’ development in a tailored and personalised manner. 

Social & Cultural Interaction

CDS’s newly formed department Social and Cultural Interaction will be organising a variety of cultural events this year including Chinese Cultural Lenses (with Wuming, the mandarin radio station of University of Warwick). We will be screening free movies and documentaries every Friday afternoon to all our members. 


CDS aims to improve awareness about public affairs through the exploration of cultural, societal and economic issues in the past, present and future. We look to deepen our members’ understanding of these issues through the different views held by our diverse membership. 

We welcome all students with an open and curious mind to join our society, regardless of discipline or background. Join us for a fruitful and exciting time.



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