Are you looking for experience that looks great on applications for internships and grad schemes? Would you like rewarding and fulfilling experiences that involve working with the local community? Do you want to develop your confidence talking in front of groups of people?

Of course you do!

So, why not try Sexpresssion Warwick?

Who are we?

Well, we are a humble branch of Sexpression:UK, a national charity run all by university students! We have grown tired of the way certain topics affecting young adults are talked about, or more damagingly, not talked about. We don’t believe that information should be kept for “1 day, when you’re a little older.” Current guidelines on sex ed in schools are nearly 20 years out of date, so we have decided to step up to fill this gap.


What can we offer you?


Worried you don't know enough? No problem! All we need from our volunteers is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. In return, we provide comprehensive training, including Child Protection Training as well as organising DBS checks (through Warwick Volunteers), and the opportunity to attend national conferences, all before you enter the classroom. You'll get certificates for successful completion of training days and, if you're an undergrad and put enough hours in, you'll even get a volunteering certificate that shows up on your Higher Education Achievement Report! Woohoo! 


What do we teach?


Once trained and checked, you'll be paired with another volunteer to facilitate in-school workshops. These will help create an open environment, free of judgement, where students aged 11-18 can learn about and share their experiences (if they want!) of taboo topics. Our workshops are age-appropriate and span sessions such as:

  • Bodily Changes

  • STIs, Safer Sex and Contraception

  • Sex and Consent

  • Relationships and Abuse

  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity  

  • Sex and the Media


Join us?


However, we are always open to suggestions for more topics to cover, so if you have a specialised interest please let us know! 

We are a fairly new, open and growing society looking for keen volunteers to give Sexpression a try. Find us on Facebook and sign-up to a social event or training session. No problem if you can't make every event or if you want to sign up later in the year, we're always looking for new members! There is great potential for volunteers to shape the society, and plently of opportunities to have more responsibilites and also run for exec positions (wow, you're CV is going to look sooo good). 

Any questions just send us an email or follow on Facebook. We'd love to welcome you to the team. 

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