Warwick Marxists is a society dedicated to discussing the ideas of Marxism; particularly of those Marxist thinkers that we consider most important to an understanding of Marxism: Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. Warwick Marxists ensure the provision of education on Marxist ideas by organising talks, reading groups, debates and other events which are open for anyone to attend and on a weekly basis.

Warwick Marxists strive for the continuation of Marxist critiques of Capitalism and hope for a fully successful socialist revolution using the ideas of Lenin and Trotsky to guide the working class and its allies in the creation of a fairer society! 


Whether you are a hardcore Revolutionary Marxist or completely new to the theories and teachings and just interested in deep political discussion, Warwick Marxists is the place for you, it is a society that is willing to engage with all ideas and perspectives in a comradely manner. From Trot to Tory Warwick Marxists are open to wide-ranging ideas and discussions. We cannot stress enough the need for constant educational progress in the teachings of Marx. Even if you're new to political life or Marxist ideas, please come along to discuss and debate your ideas with us! 


Week 0 What is Marxism

Week 1 What is Fascism and how to fight it

Week 2 Clause IV and the Labour Party

Week 3 Marxism and the Student Movement

Week 4 Common myths of Marxism 

Week 5 Trump: the New World Disorder

Week 6 Reading Group 

Week 7 The Revolutionary History of Rosa Luxemburg

Week 8 Was the USSR socialist?

Week 9 Science under Socialism

Week 10 Socialism V Capitalism


To Find out more about Marxism or our events, you can follow our Facebook, Twitter page, or YouTube Channel:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warwickmarxists/

Twitter: @warwickmarxists

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM7laSYSNhtrXw7XObRWrgg  

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