Effective Altruism is a growing social movement based around using evidence and reason to improve the world in the most effective ways. Amongst others, this can involve things like considering which charities we donate to, or how we can do the most good with our careers.


What makes this really interesting is how the results can sometimes feel counter-intuitive and at the same time, give us the opportunity to do an amazing amount of good without necessarily having to change our behaviour a great deal.


TED talk on Effective Altruism by prominent philosopher Peter Singer:



What we get up to:

  • Speaker/discussion events

  • Outreach to other societies

  • Socials


For those of you who want to get more involved, feel free to come to one of our planning meetings where we organise what we’ll be doing.
Details of these will be on our facebook page. Please also feel free to contact us individually at t.bain@warwick.ac.uk or olliebase22@gmail.com.


Like us on Facebook! This is where we publicise all our events: https://www.facebook.com/EffectiveAltruismWarwick

Take a look at our website: http://eawarwick.org/

And feel free to join our open Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/252105478187082


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