Who are we?

We are Warwick Enable, the disability liberation and campaigning society on campus. We are for disabled students, their friends, allies and carers or enablers – we welcome anyone who is passionate about disability and inclusivity. We believe this university is for EVERY body (and mind). Membership is FREE to all.

We hold everything from campaigns to accessible socials, and we have a number of initiatives to help you get settled. These include a buddy scheme (sign-up link below) and an online Freshers’ group in collaboration with the SU Disabled Students’ Officer. Our aim is to get everyone on campus thinking about disability by organising events throughout the year - most significantly Disability Celebration Week. To keep up to date with everything, become a member to receive weekly emails, and follow us on social media (details below).


Exec Committee 2017-18

President - Jessi Parrott

Secretary - Sarah Staniforth

Treasurer - Alex Gilbert

Welfare and Access Officer - Helen McLaughlin

(Our Exec is currently very small - we will be holding elections to fill the remaining positions early in Term One.)


What is the buddy scheme?

You can sign up to this scheme whatever stage of your university time you are at - if you're a Fresher, and would like to be allocated a partner to ease the process of settling in, or if you are further along in your studies and simply feel you could use some peer support. (Equally please sign up if you feel you would be a good mentor!) The scheme is open to all members who define as disabled, chronically ill or as having a disability (and mental health is very much included in that). Its aim is to foster a sense of community, and create supportive partnerships so that everyone has a fellow student to turn to, for fun and friendship as much as advice. Postgrads are very welcome too (our President is one!). Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/ZHXldR773O0LRvun1


Email - warwickenable@gmail.com

Twitter - @warwickenable

Facebook - Warwick Enable, Warwick Enable Discussion Group and Uni of Warwick Freshers with Disabilities or Additional Needs 2017-18

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