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Swimming & Water Polo

Swimming and Water Polo

Swimming & Water Polo Sports Club

University of Warwick Swimming and Water Polo Club

Welcome to the University of Warwick Swimming and Water Polo Club (UWSWP)! We are by far the hottest club on campus. No matter your ability we cater for all and welcome everyone to give our sport(s) a try. Two sports in one club - we have everything for everyone from competitive swimming to our club team and our leading development team! If you want to get fit, faster or just meet genuinely nice people then our club is perfect for you. 

We provide a host of training, competitions and socials for a packed out calendar. The best part is if you want to try out Water Polo or Swimming you can do both under our membership and many members do both sports. We are led by a fantastic executive committee that runs the club, but also a highly experienced coaching team. Our club offers everybody the chance to compete in swimming or water polo with over five events across the academic year you are sure to be kept busy and competitive. Don't worry they are a good mix between competitive and fun races to become more experienced. Our highlights include Varsity, where we compete against Coventry University and have won for the past 30 years, our BUCS programme and our entries into BUSL. 

Training and competitions are not the only things you can get involved in here at UWSWP with regular socials, including frequent circling (you will know after you come to POP or School Dayz with us) and our annual domestic and foreign tours! Other highlights include charity events, inter sports club activities, our annual ball and much, much more!

WUFF (Our other name, can you guess what this stands for?) is a friendly, fun club with a big presence on campus. You make friends for life and we will always make you feel welcome, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a brand-new fresher! Join today or ask us questions if you are interested in joining. 

Add our Google Calendar  (will be updated soon) to stay updated with all the upcoming events and socials.


Swimming taster sessions:

SPORTS DAY: 1st October 2021 - 18:00-19:15 
Tuesday 5th October (week 1) - 18:45-20:15
Wednesday 6th October (week 1) - 16:00-18:00 Advanced Development 
Friday 8th October all year 18:30-20:00 Development Squad (Rock Up Swim Clinic on the system, no membership required) 
Freshers tournament - Saturday 9th October 14:00-17:00 Join us for fun competitions, events and get to know the club more. 

Please bring:
Swimming costume.
Swimming hat.
Water bottle.
Warwick student ID.
Flip flops.
Shower gel if showering after. 

No other equipment is needed for the tasters. 

TO BOOK IN FOR SWIMMING TASTERS, BOOK USING THE MYWARWICK SPORT BOOKING SYSTEM and go to Zz Swimming and Water Polo and any questions email Derrick.Elliott@warwick.ac.uk or contact the WUFF Facebook Freshers page. 


Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned pro or have never played, come to our tasters! Any questions, drop our captains Charlotte (charlotte.malpass@warwick.ac.uk) and Savvas (savvas.ioannidis@warwick.ac.uk) a message! 

All our sessions in Week 1 and 2 will be tasters, stay tuned for more details here and on our social media pages in Fresher's Week for details!


Don't forget to join our freshers Facebook page to find out what's coming up in the first few weeks of term! Make sure to leave your details with us on our mailing list so that we can let you know about dates and times of our events. Sign up for our Facebook group and get hyped!

Freshers Page

Mailing List

Swam when you were younger and want to pick it up again? A keen racer who is desperate to beat our club records and immortalise yourself until someone even faster gets into Warwick? Completely new to the sport and want to get fitter after some lockdown lunger? WUFF is the perfect place to be. We are inclusive with an outstanding club and development programme. This is the best club for bettering yourself and enjoying a university experience more than studying. It is a chance to make a difference and get to know people who share a similar love for the water. 
NEW FOR 2021/22:
Development squad sessions increased from three to five. 
Retention of head coach Dr Josh Patel. 
Recruitment of former President and now WBS staff member Lily Miller. 
Expansion of racing programme to include BUSL (minimum of three), time trials, club championships, the Oxford Gala, Master Nationals, BUCS Short course and Long course, as well as Varsity! 
The merging of Facebook pages into 'Warwick Swimming 2021/22' - your one-stop destination for all swimming news and updates. 
Later training times to accommodate swimmers who can't do as many mornings! 

Your Swimming Exec 2021/22:
Marshall Taylor - Swimming President - marshall.taylor@warwick.ac.uk 
Elliott Derrick - Men's Swimming Captain - derrick.elliott@warwick.ac.uk
Joanne Neal - Female's Swimming Captain - jo.neal@warwick.ac.uk
Charlieanne Laban - Swimming Development Officer - charlieanne.laban@warwick.ac.uk

Swimming Sessions:
Swimming Development Sessions:
MONDAY: 15:30-17:00 
TUESDAY: 09:00-11:00 
THURSDAY: 18:30-20:00 
FRIDAY: 18:30-20:00 (Starting w/c October 4th) 

Water Polo Sessions:


Marshall Taylor - Swimming President

Isobel James - Water Polo President

Elliott Derrick - Men’s Swimming Captain

Joanne Neal - Women’s Swimming Captain

Savvas Ioannides - Men's Water Polo Captain

Charlotte Malpass - Women’s Water Polo Captain

Rhyan Barrett - Treasurer

Finley Nolan - Club Secretary

Sam Mason - Publicity & Campaigns

Laura Chisholm - Welfare Officier

Freya Slaney-Parker & Tessa Dethye - Social Secs

Jemima Walsh - Charity & Sponsorship

Charlieanne Laban - Development Officer


  • Code of Conduct

    Our Code of Conduct has been put together in order for all our members to understand what is expected of them when they join our club. It outlines the general principles of the club and the appropriate and inappropriate behaviours at all club events, including training and socials. By buying club membership, you agree to the Club Code of Conduct.

  • COVID19 Club Guidelines

    Please make sure to read and understand the club's COVID-19 guidelines for socials and trainings.

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This is an Off Campus club. You’ll need a Warwick Sport Club Pass as well as a Sports Federation membership. Find out more about joining clubs here.

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