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Welcome to Warwick University Snooker and Billiards Club, or WUSBC! One of the most successful sports clubs on campus, we are a friendly and welcoming club that caters for players of all ability. We run regular Wednesday sessions, tournaments, events, socials, competitions and compete in inter-university snooker tournaments including the infamous four-day BUCS National Championships where WUSBC are current title-holders.

Tables on Campus

We have two full-sized snooker tables in our campus snooker room known as the 'Campus Crucible'. The room is located in the SU building above The Dirty Duck pub. You can use the room to practice any day of the week during term time (opening times listed below) and members can book tables through our online booking website.

You must be a member to access the room since there is a card access lock on the door. You can gain access by simply touching your University ID card to the keypad next to the door. Note that it will take up to 2-3 working days after you join for your card to work with our system. If it takes any longer than this, get in touch and we’ll help you out!

During the Dirty Duck opening hours, simply go through the double doors at the back of the pub and go up a flight of stairs. When the Dirty Duck is closed, usually during the morning, there is an alternative route to the room in an image below!

Room opening hours

Monday-Friday 09:00-23:00
Weekends & Bank Holidays 09:00-22:30
Monday-Friday 09:00-22:30
Weekends & Bank Holidays CLOSED


Route to Snooker Room in event of Dirty Duck closure



During the year, we regularly run events for all members. Whether you’re looking to compete against other members, play a casual game with other snooker enthusiasts or have an exciting night out on one of our socials, we’re sure you’ll enjoy all we have to offer!

Wednesday Sessions

We are run Wednesday sessions for anyone who is a member the club, novice or pro! Even if you haven't played before, come along to one of our sessions to get to know the exec, other players and how one of the most inclusive clubs on campus is run! Our Wednesday Sessions are held from 2-5pm, there's no signup so come along any time from 2pm!

Internal Competitions

We also run internal competitions allowing any of our members to try their hand at some competitive play. They range from the fast-paced Snooker Shootout to the slower-paced Enstone Billiards Championship. We also have two competitions which run through multiple terms, namely the League and Knockout Cup. There will be an email sent at least a week in advance of any competition starting, with details of how to sign up, entry fees (£2/3) and how to get involved! The schedule for this year can be found [here] on our website!

If you have any questions about either the Wednesday Sessions or Competitions please email: with the title "Wednesday Session" or "Competitions".


When you’ve had enough snooker for the day (which can’t happen by our reckoning…) we run socials both on and off-campus during the year, including our infamous Pub Snooker Big Break social! As ever, drinkers and non-drinkers alike are welcome to our socials and meals out throughout the year!

BUCS & Trials

We will hold our first set of trials in Term 1 and players who make the cut will have the opportunity to represent the university at a number of inter-university tournaments, including the annual BUCS tournament – a four-day nationwide snooker tournament which caters for all players. As in previous years, we will take 3 teams to BUCS so there are plenty of places up for grabs!

Don’t worry if you can’t make the initial trials as we will hold another set in term 2!

We are current BUCS Champions and Sheffield Star Cup Champions and perform consistently well in inter-university competition.

Don’t be put off, however, as we welcome all standards of players at the club. With regular practice, you too could be representing the University in one of our 3 teams! As well as BUCS, we host the Midlands Cup every year. Last year both our First and Second teams were runners-up in the Midlands Cup Championship and Trophy respectively.

Maintenance Fee

To maintain the current standard of our two tables on campus, WUSBC are implementing a small charge of £10 for all members of the club. This money will go towards the necessary maintenance each table requires each year, which is either a re-cloth or re-stretch (per year this usually costs us around £700). At the start of Term 2 we will remove door access for members who have not paid the maintenance fee - so please contribute before then by following this link!

We are implementing this fee with regret, and our hand has really been forced by the SU, who have slashed our budget by 40%. But still, £16 for table access  all year round is a massive bargain!

Join Us!

To join, just purchase your £6 membership below and your £10 maintenance fee by following the link above. Welcome to Warwick University Snooker and Billiards Club, we look forward to seeing you!


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