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Training sessions:

Monday: 20:00 - 22:00 - Combat room - Frankie Heydari

Tuesday: 17:00 - 19:00 - Combat room - Jamaal Otto

Friday: 19:30 - 21:00 - Combat room - alternating Kata and Kumite sessions 

Saturday: 11:00 - 13:00 - Combat room (individual practice)


please book your session through Warwick sport


What is karate?

Karate is a form of self-defense. The word Karate itself means ‘empty-hand’ symbolising that karate does not use real weapons, only parts of our body to block and attack. Karate has three core elements: Kihon (basic movements), Kata (performed set patterns of moves) and Kumite (sparring). Karate works the mind and body and teaches you invaluable self-defense skills. With time you will gain flexibility, strength and discipline. 


Who will be teaching me? 

Our club founder and senior instructor from the KUGB Shotokan Sensei Frankie Heydari teaches the bulk of sessions every week. He has practiced karate throughout his life and has a huge amount of expertise and knowledge. We are very lucky at this club to have such a senior instructor. New for this year we also have Jamaal Otto well known kumite champion on our coaching team. Some sessions (usually once a week) are taken by the senior blackbelts at Warwick such as the president and other exec members. Each blackbelt brings varying specialities and knowledge on the three core elements that give sessions more variety. 


I have done karate before!

Great! Whatever belt you have reached you may carry on training as at Warwick!


I have done a different style or martial art, can I still come?

Yes! All styles are welcome, and we have members from varying styles already such as Wado-ryu and Shitoryu.


I have never done karate before!

Come and try it out, your first session is free! Look out for beginner-specific classes too. 


Are there competitions and gradings?

There are three main competitions each year for kata and Kumite events, KUGB, BUCS and Varsity. You do not have to compete, but we strongly encourage you to, they are great fun and make great goals to work towards alongside your studies. Gradings typically happen once (where there is sufficient interest) a term where members are examined on a series of kicks, punches and blocks and when successful are awarded new belts!


Are there socials?

Yes! We host socials regularly. These range from club meals to circling. We also host sober events!


What will it cost me?



We hope to see you there! Remember your first session is free.

Any queries do not hesitate to ask.


Stay up to date by following our socials:

Instagram – Warwick.karate


Main contacts for 2023/24:


Molly Lambert – President 

Beth Wilkinson – Welfare officer 



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