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Netball (Womens)

Netball (Womens) Sports Club

Welcome to the University of Warwick Women's Netball Club



As a performance sport club, on top of our regular training sessions, our performance sport teams have access to specialised S&C coaching, injury prevention sessions, physiotherapy and nutrition guidance. This support will have a club wide impact in the long run as we progress to be able to offer a more and more elite training environment to attract top level athletes! 

We have 3 BUCS teams which play regular weekly matches against universities located across the Midlands, with our BUCS 1s having being promoted to League 1 at the end of the 2019/2020 season. Our BUCS Captains are aiming to continue offering our performance sport teams regular weekly matches within the Coventry and Warwickshire league as well as BUCS friendlies in Term 1, until the BUCS season kickstarts again in Term 2. 

Our two Development squads participate in regular match play against Midlands universities and local clubs throughout the year in the NDM league which is ran and organised by our development captain. There will also be opportunities for Development teams to train and play with our BUCS squads. 

League teams (social netball) play in the university Active League on Saturday mornings against other clubs and societies at the Sports Hub outdoor courts. 

There are also additional tournaments available for all teams throughout the year including our interclub tournamnets and inter-university friednlies to be organised throughout the year. 


BUCS squads

Monday (Performance Squad): 07:00-08:00

Monday: Sports Hub, 21:30-22:50 (Term1)

Tuesday: Sports Hub, 18:00-19:50 


Wednesday: Outdoor Sports Hub Courts, 15:00-16:50

Sunday (Development Squads): 8:30-9:50

Saturday: Outdoor Sports Hub Courts (Development matches and inter-club friendlies): 09:00-10:50 

Attached is a trial/registration of interest and from your responses we will send you a trial slot for you to come along to join UWWNC in one of our many Teams! This first trial is not as scary as it seems just come along and give it a go (the first 'trial' is more like a taster really)


We are an inclusive club that offers a variety of socials which are open to all members; from weekly circles, themed bar crawls and Wasps netball games, as well as team meals, an annual brunch and christmas ball. We also offer both a domestic and international tours (tbd). At the beginning of the year you will be placed into a UWWNC 'family' which you will remain a part of throughout your time at UWWNC where you will have 'family' meals before off-campus socials as well as 'family based' social events.

Usually (pre-covid) we circle every Wednesday at the Graduate (located within the Dirty Duck) from 7pm, followed by a night out to Pop! 

However, in light of the current circumstances our social secretaries are working hard to ensure we continue to offer, as much as possible, a range of in-person (socially distanced) and virtual events to ensure that all members feel included and make some incredible memories from being a part of UWWNC. To keep updated with our social calender please follow us on instagram (@uwwnc) and join our freshers page on facebook (Warwick Netball Freshers 2020-2021) 


Members are encouraged to participate in regular fundraising opportunities throughout the academic year. This year we had our first Charity Week raising money for our chosen chairty, Papyrus. We also collectively ran 1257miles for the 1257 NHS hospitals fighting against coronavirus and raised money for NHS Charities Together. We also run a community based project, Netball in Schools, where you can volunteer to teach netball to primary schools. This year we plan on creating more volunteering opportunities for our members in the local communities, as well as holding termly charity weeks and charity socials.  


There is an introductory umpiring course, as well as the opportunity for a C award umpiring qualification, subsidised by the club. Additionally, you can practise umpiring at our Saturday Active League tournaments 12-4pm. Volunteer 50 hours and receive half price gym membership for the year!

As a member of the UWWNC we can guarantee you an amazing, fun, and unforgettable time at university, both on and off the court.


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