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Netball (Mixed) Sports Club

The first thing you should know about MN is that we accept ALL LEVELS AND ABILITIES of netball - there are no trials or set teams. There are members of our current exec who have played netball since they were tiddly little things, and members who had never even played netball before coming to Warwick, so there is absolutely no pressure to be the king or queen of netball during training sessions. Training is exactly what you want it to be!

You will soon discover that our main focus as a club isn’t to create an elite netball team to take on the world (we’re not about to enter any world championships here), but to create a balance between a relaxed sports environment, where students can enjoy getting fit, and a great place to meet some fantastic people and experience all the great benefits of a sports club atmosphere, which is an absolute necessity when you join university! 

You may never have heard of Mixed Netball, but that doesn't mean it's not popular here at Warwick - our club has around 100 dedicated members and we often play against other sports teams here at the university, as well as the occasional away game. We have a massively diverse body of students in our club, creating an environment in which it is possible to meet people from a huge range of backgrounds! Many of the people who have joined our club have met some of their closest friends from university here, we're a closely knit group that anyone can fit into if you come along and join in.


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This is an On Campus club. You’ll need a Warwick Sport Club Pass as well as a Sports Federation membership.

This is an Off Campus club. You’ll need a Warwick Sport Club Pass as well as a Sports Federation membership. Find out more about joining clubs here.

Current students should purchase the Netball (Mixed) Standard Membership below.

This membership will be on sale from the 1st September 2019
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