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Hockey (Mens)

Men's Hockey

Hockey (Mens) Sports Club

About Us...

With 5 teams competing against other Universities and local clubs through BUCS and MRHA leagues, the University of Warwick Men’s Hockey Club is one of the biggest and most sociable clubs on campus.

  • We train twice a week: Monday (17:00 - 19:30) and Friday (19:30 - 21:30) at the Westwood astro's
  • Play twice a week: Wednesday (BUCS) and Saturday (MRHA)
  • Socialise at least once a week.
  • Regular charity events
  • And so much more
  • Club of the Year 2022/23

You’ll be hard pushed to find a more welcoming club within Warwick Sport, and our 5 teams can cater for all abilities from complete beginners to international players, so whatever your ability, there is a place for you within the UWMHC. It is for this reason amongst many others that Men's Hockey is the University of Warwick Club of the Year 2022/23. 

Performance sport

The UWMHC is a High Performance sport's club which means we get extra funding for top-quality coaching and specially tailored strength and conditioning plans provided by Warwick Sport. As a High Performance sport, we are a destination for top athletes and coaches alike. If you are a National League player or International 11 aside player you may be eligible for a performance sports scholarship!


Preseason consists of the 4 weeks leading up to the first week of term, and is open to all current and prospective club members regardless of ability. Any new players are welcome and will be accomodated in Leamington Spa from week 2 onwards (11th September untill the start of term). If you are interested in attending, just get in contact with our Club Captain who will sort things out for you or fill in the form on our instagram or website. Each year we go on preseason tour to a different location, playing hockey and socialising as a club. Past locations include Liverpool, Nottingham, London and many more.

Events this season...

We offer a broad range of social events, often partnered with the Ladies club, that set our club above the rest. We have big things planned for this year, including brilliant domestic and foreign tours so you do not want to miss out! If you don't drink don't worry, we encourage moderation and completely accommodate non-drinkers as we believe that no individual choice or characteristic should prevent somebody from playing our sport! 

Joining The UWMHC

If you're interested in joining or even just finding out more please visit our new website or join our Facebook group 'University of Warwick Men's Hockey Club Freshers 2023/24' to get more info on training times, trials, tasters and all the other events happening in the club. If you want to find any other information about our club our website is the best place to look. The information available includes an introduction to our exec committee, our fresher information pack and a brief description of what we are all about. If you would like to contact us directly please email Ethan Carr (Club President) at Ethan.Carr@warwick.ac.uk or Matt Temmink (Club Captain) at Matt.Temmink@warwick.ac.uk

To join the UWMHC you will need to purchase the "On Campus Sports Membership", the "Sports Federation Membership" and the "Club Membership". HOWEVER, if you are joining as a social member you will only need to purchase the "Club Membership".


President - Ethan.Carr@warwick.ac.uk 

Club Captain - Matt.Temmink@warwick.ac.uk

Comms - Patrick.Harwood@warwick.ac.uk 




Exec Membership

Hockey (Mens) - President

Hockey (Mens) - Treasurer

Hockey (Mens) - 1st Team Captain

Hockey (Mens) - 2nd Team Captain

Hockey (Mens) - 3rd Team Captain

Hockey (Mens) - 4th Team Captain

Hockey (Mens) - Club Captain

Hockey (Mens) - Communications

Hockey (Mens) - Fixtures

Hockey (Mens) - Social Secretaries

Hockey (Mens) - Tour

Hockey (Mens) - Vice-President & Secretary

Hockey (Mens) - Welfare Officer (& Charities)


Join This Club

This is an On Campus club. You’ll need a Warwick Sport Club Pass as well as a Sports Federation membership.

This is an Off Campus club. You’ll need a Warwick Sport Club Pass as well as a Sports Federation membership. Find out more about joining clubs here.

Current students should purchase the Hockey (Mens) Standard Membership below.


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Club Pass Membership Fee (ON CAMPUS)

Ref: M10148420
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Club Pass Membership Fee (OFF CAMPUS)

Ref: M10149650
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