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Warwick Lifesaving

Lifesaving Sports Club

So... what's lifesaving and why do we love it?? Well… what other sport will give you not only fun and diverse training in the pool, but provide you with the opportunity to earn money through a rare and highly sought-after campus job, keep you fit whilst laughing with friends, and at the same time equip you with valuable life skills that you’ll keep forever!

At Warwick, Lifesaving is a club like no other, our relatively small membership means we all know each other very well – an inevitable result with weekly training sessions and numerous comps and socials! Although this makes for close friendships, we are always incredibly welcoming towards freshers and students of any year alike who would like to join our friendly and diverse group and try out lifesaving – everyone is always so keen to explain what we do and teach you what’s going on that you’ll be inundated with friendly faces to offer advice and guidance if needed!


So what do our training sessions actually entail? Lifesaving is divided into what we like to call Speeds (kind of like swimming but a LOT more interesting) and first aid (we basically teach first aid skills for courses and then put them into action as a team in a competition-style emergency scenario – with varying levels of success!). Read more about the exciting things we get up to here, including diving under obstacles and towing manikins in torpedo bouys as a relay team, car fires, cave-ins and chemical lab malfunctions.


But what about getting my qualifications?

We run courses throughout the year which look great on your CV, including the Emergency First Aid at Work Qualification and the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) - the prerequisite to a part-time campus (or elsewhere) job as a lifeguard. We are running an NPLQ course at the end of Term 1 (13/12-17/12) - this will be open to everyone but spaces will be prioritised to our club members, who will also receive a hefty discount! If you are interested in the NPLQ, please express your interest here to receive more information.

You can also visit our website for more info and to find sign-up links to receive updates about our courses.



  • Tuesday 28th Sept - Simulated speed line throw and CPR taster and stall on the piazza. Find us on the piazza from 14:30 on campus to chat about lifesaving, meet a few members of our exec in person, and find out all about what we do! It's completely fine to just come for a chat, but we will also offer the opportunity to have a go at one of our competition events - simulated speed line coil and throw - and the opportunity to have a go at CPR on one of our manikins. Anyone is welcome - click here for more information.
  • Thursday 30th Sept - Sports Fair. Join us on the piazza between 11am and 4pm to ask us any questions you may have about lifesaving!
  • Friday 1st Oct - How to survive a night out. Come along to the Chancellor's Room 2 in the Roote's building (by the piazza) at 14:30 for an interactive hands-on session to learn some potentially lifesaving skills. We'll go over things such as how to deal with bleeds, broken bones, a friend passing out, and even CPR. You'll also have the opportunity to meet and chat to our friendly exec and find out all about the club! Anyone is welcome - click here for more information.
  • Friday 1st Oct - Sports Day (Pool Taster Session). Come along to our biggest free taster session in the pool at 19:45! You don't need any special equipment, just meet us on poolside in your swimming costume. Any swimming ability is absolutely fine (and of course no prior lifesaving experience is expected!).

NB: You don't need to be booked on with the Welcome Week timetable to come along to these.

You can fill in this 2021-22 Interest Form to receive emails so you stay updated with our events and taster sessions!



We will be running taster sessions until the end of Week 2. You don't need a membership or any experience to give our sessions a go! You will need to book onto these sessions on the Warwick Sport website. Details on how to do this are provided below, but please please message or email us if you are having issues. These sessions are at the same times as the rest of our Term 1 training sessions:

  • Tue 16:30 - 18:30 in the Sports Hub Swimming Pool (5th Oct & 12th Oct)
  • Thu 18:00 - 20:00 in Westwood Games Hall Lecture Room (7th Oct &14th Oct)
  • Fri 16:00 - 18:00 in the Sports Hub Swimming Pool (8th Oct & 15th Oct)
  • Sun 10:00 - 12:00 in the Sports Hub Swimming Pool (10th Oct &17th Oct)

Meet us on poolside for the Tuesday, Friday and Sunday taster sessions - you won't need any special equipment, just wear a swimming costume! Our dry training session on Thursday in Westwood Games Hall can be difficult to find so you might find this campus map helpful. We will also arrange some exec to show you the way in weeks 1 & 2, give our Instagram account and Facebook page a like for details of where and when we are meeting nearer the time.


  1. Go to the Warwick Sport website
  2. Log in with your university student number
  3. Search for 'zz lifesaving'
  4. Select and book the sessions you wish to attend!

Please note that we have a finite number of places available so please only book onto a session if you're actually going to turn up to prevent others from missing out! Booking can be done up to 7 days in advance and canceled anytime.

I'm keen, what can I do right now?

  • Sign up for our 2021-22 Interest Form to receive updates on our Welcome Week events, Free Taster Sessions and more.
  • If you're interested in becoming a Lifeguard, express your interest in our December 2021 NPLQ course here.
  • Message us on social media to say hi and ask any questions you may have! We'd love to meet you
  • Have a look through our website, where you can find loads more info on what we get up to!

We are really looking forward to meeting you, see you soon!!





Lifesaving sport is possibly the most demanding multi-discipline sport that exists in the world today. Connected so closely with the noble act of lifesaving, speed lifesaving offers enjoyment, challenges and learning to all ages and abilities.” - RLSS 2006




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