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The University of Warwick Lacrosse Club has one of the largest memberships of any sports club at Warwick University, and won Most Charitable Club of the Year in 2017/18 and Exec of the Year 2018/19. We field two BUCS Men's and two BUCS Women's teams, play in a local Mixed League, and also have two dedicated Development squads for novice players.

We have been awarded Performance Sport again for the next two seasons (23/24 and 24/25) so our 1st teams will get bespoke training from Warwick Sport! We pride ourselves in catering to and welcoming players of every ability, from the complete beginner to international players. The Club is very active both on and off the pitch, and strive to raise as much money as possible each year for our chosen charity the Beer-Harris Memorial Trust, in loving memory of Joe Harris, UWLC alumnus. 

Socials are also at the heart of the club- we have socials every Wednesday, and have other themed socials throughout the year, including our famous Campus Barcrawl and an Alumni Skool Dayz event. We also have a domestic and an international tour, which allow Club members to take the sport abroad and have fun outside of campus.

UWLC is also proud to hold a dedicated Alumni Ball each year for members only, and to send huge numbers of our members each year to the university's Sports Ball, where they may receive Club colours and celebrate another excellent year in UWLC.


  • Matches every week of term
  • Training 4x a week (Dev, BUCS, Mixed and Rock Up & Play) plus Strength and Conditioning
  • Mystery Tour in January and Big Tour during the Easter holidays
  • Socials/Events every Wednesday 
  • Alumni Ball
  • Sober socials + team meals
  • Charity events
  • Dedicated Welfare Officer to support Club members

Lacrosse is unique - officially the fastest sport on two feet and, in our opinion, the most exciting sport out there. We guarantee you a welcoming atmosphere, unrivaled fun, and team spirit. Come and join this successful and exciting club!

For any other questions please do not hesitate to email the club, one of our exec below, or message us on Facebook/Instagram!:

Executive Team

President: Lucy Fothergill (LUCY.FOTHERGILL@WARWICK.AC.UK)

Marketing and Communications: Katy Stanistreet (KATY.STANISTREET@WARWICK.AC.UK) 

Charity and Welfare: Daisy Barrow (DAISY.BARROW@WARWICK.AC.UK)

General Secretary: Amy Roberts (AMY.ROBERTS@WARWICK.AC.UK)

Treasurer: Mia Browne (MIA.BROWNE@WARWICK.AC.UK)


Social Secretaries: Billy Smith (BILLY.SMITH@WARWICK.AC.UK) and Daisy Collison (DAISY.COLLISON@WARWICK.AC.UK)


Men's Club Captain: Cal Hockley (CALLUM.HOCKLEY@WARWICK.AC.UK)

Men's 1's Captain: Jake Phillips (JAKE.PHILLIPS@WARWICK.AC.UK)

Men's Development Captain: Tom Tennett (TOM.TENNETT@WARWICK.AC.UK)

Men's Development Vice Captain: Hugh Marsh (HUGH.MARSH@WARWICK.AC.UK)


Women's Club Captain: Tami Schwarzmann (TAMI.SCHWARZMANN@WARWICK.AC.UK)

Women's 1's Captain: Maddie Alcock (MADELEINE.ALCOCK@WARWICK.AC.UK)

Women's Development Captain: Georgia Crowe (GEORGIA.CROWE@WARWICK.AC.UK)

Women's Development Vice Captain: Emily Pemble (EMILY.PEMBLE@WARWICK.AC.UK)


Mixed Captain: Ollie Verny-White (OLLIE.VERNY-WHITE@WARWICK.AC.UK)

Mixed Vice Captain: Grace Woosey (GRACE.WOOSEY@WARWICK.AC.UK)


University Lacrosse Officer: Caity Nutting (CAITY.NUTTING@WARWICK.AC.UK)


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Upcoming Events

Domestic Tour 2022 UWLC Mystery Tour!
19th January 3pm - 21st January 5:30pm
Join the University of Warwick Lacrosse Club for our mystery (domestic) tour!
UWLC Annual Charity Ball
24th February 7pm - 11:59pm
Meadow Barn, Stratford Upon Avon
The Lacrosse Club Annual Charity Ball


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