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Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are combat effective martial arts, grappling sports and a vehicle to improve your entire life. Judo was developed in Japan during the late 1800s and focuses on taking your opponent to the ground using sweeps and throws from a clinches and grips - it has evolved to an Olympic sport today. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was developed by a family called the Gracies who were shown the martial art of Judo in Rio de Janerio. They modified the techniques and focused on choke-holds and joint-locks to end the fight when it's on the ground. 

Given that 90% of street fights you see end up in grappling situations these martial arts have been proved most effective - better than the fancy kicks in Taekwon Do or Karate, more useful that than the limited tools in boxing. It has been proved in mixed martial arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship in competition. 

We're coached in Judo by MGN Total Judo Coaching Ltd; Mark Dawes, Greg Lewis and Nick Holmes. Nick is a Multiple time BJC National Champion, Malta Open Bronze medallist, BJC and BJA 4th Dan, as well as a BJC and BJA Level 2 qualified coach. Nick is able to integrate his extensive competitive experience into coaching, and therefore provide specific development for all Judoka – competitive or not. Greg has been an active Judoka for 15 years and currently holds a 2nd Dan, which he achieved in competition at the impressive age of 42. Greg is also a high level referee within the BJC, and provided excellent tuition to our beginners this year resulting in a success rate of 100% at the Yellow belt grading. Mark took a silver medal in the 2010 British Masters, and a bronze in 2016. Mark has also represented the BJC internationally in Holland and Ireland, and is looking forward to competing in the European Masters held in Glasgow during 2018. Mark has also been a qualified coach for 12 years, and looks to integrate his experience into the lessons at Warwick University.

Tom Caughey coaches us in BJJ; he's the first and only Chui Kwong Man BJJ black belt and very accomplished. He’s won IBJJF Pan Ams, gold at the British Open four times, he's a IBJJF worlds bronze medalist and one of the best leg lock specialists in the country. He's fought world renowned players such as Oliver Taza and Ross Nicholls.

We complement our tough training with some great socials suitable for everyone. We occasionally attend POP! for a boozy night out, but we also have meals out each term, post-training curries in Leamington and many more! 

Our sessions this year are as follows:


Judo times:

Monday: 6:30-8pm

Wednesday : 6:30-8pm

Thursday: 7:30-9pm


BJJ times:

Tuesday (No Gi): 7-8:30pm

Friday (No Gi): 4-5:30pm

Sunday (Gi): 6-7:30pm

All classes suitable for all levels and are in the Activities Room, Main Sport Centre. 

Find us on facebook by searching 'University of Warwick Judo Club' and 'University of Warwick BJJ' for our members group. And like our page here:

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