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Cheerleading, Dance and Gymnastics

Cheerleading, Dance and Gymnastics

Cheerleading, Dance and Gymnastics Sports Club

Winners of Most Improved Sports Club 2016 and Sports Officer Award 2019!

The past few years have seen the Devils back on top with amazing success from all our squads: we gained 2 national titles, 4 second places and a third place across our nine competitive squads!

We welcome all levels of skill and experience - most of us had never cheered before Uni so don't be afraid to learn something new. Cheer is a great way to keep fit, make amazing new friends, and represent the University! Aside from competitions and performances, we have a very busy social calendar, with weekly socials and domestic and international tours! We also get involved with multiple University-wide events, and regularly volunteer and raise money for charity. We are hoping that this year will look more normal, and can't wait to get back to regular training.

Large Stunt 

This is our largest competitive squad comprised of 28-32 members, and is one of our co-ed squads. We compete at Level 2, with athletes being both complete beginners and experienced cheerleaders. It combines elements of stunting, dance, tumbling and jumps. We train twice a week- once with the brilliant Tribe Cheer Club in Coventry, and once on campus- and are following SportCheer England's advice on all training sessions.

Small Stunts 

We have three competitive small stunt teams for the 2021/22 season. If you are completely new to cheer, don't worry! Our Level 2 squads are perfect for those of you who have never tried the sport before, or for those who just want to focus on stunting. These squads are pure stunting, there are no jumps, dance or tumbling elements involved and each is comprised of between four and five members. We have All-Girl and Co-Ed squads, and typically train twice a week. In 2019, our Co-Ed Level 4 squad were two-time national champions!


Our Jazz squad is one of our most technically challenging dance squads, with routines comprised of traditional and stylised movements to create a dynamic routine. In 2019, the Jazz squad placed 2nd at BCA Univeristy Nationals! Jazz trains once a week.

Hip Hop

In 2019, the Hip Hop squad were national runners up at both Future Cheer and BCA, and the year before they were two-time national champtions and invited to BCA's Champions Challenge. Hip Hop routines are lots of fun and high energy, combining many hip hop styles. Hip Hop trains once a week.


Pom is our largest Dance squad, and performs using the traditional pom-poms to create an eye-catching, fast-paced routine. From 2014-2016, our Pom squad was reigning national champions, with an aim to achieve this title again this year. Pom trains once a week.


Our newest dance squad uses movements from traditional modern and ballet, and they debuted a moving and dramatic performance at both national competitions, winning at BCA despite their music cutting off halfway through! Lyrical trains once a week. 

Development Squad

This year we are introducing our brand new Development Squad, which will work to develop stunting, dance and jumps in a non-competitive setting. It will function as a large stunt squad, and will train weekly, save from the last week of the month where fixtures will take place instead. Development squad is ideal for members who would prefer to cheer non-competitively, and for providing the opportunity to practise skills before joining a competitive team in the future. As well as being a lesser commitment and a cheaper option, development squad will provide a great social atmosphere, and members will be given the opportunity to perform at multiple events throughout the year. 


Our Gymnastics squad has gone from strength to strength recently, and we will be training at Tribe: Cheer Dance & Fitness in Coventry. Members will be able to develop their tumbling skills under the close supervision of highly experienced coaches. 

Fixtures Squad

We are planning on running monthly charity fixtures which are available to both membes and non-members, and the focus of these will alternate between stunting and dancing. Fixtures are a brilliant way to stay engaged with the club, raise money for charity and have fun doing so! Stay tuned on our social media for more details. 


This year our weekly socials will be returning- both sober and drinking! We usually circle at POP! most weeks, whilst our sober socials will involve movie nights and team bonding activites. Socials are a large part of what makes Devils so fun to be a part of, and so we make sure that there is something for everyone. 


We regularly get involved with the community, whether that be performing across campus or at community events in Leamington or Coventry. We volunteer regularly at Youth PHAB and have a blossoming relationship with Coventry Cyrenians, both local charities with very important causes.

Our main charities for the 2021/22 season will be Coventry Cyrenians and Mermaids UK, and we will have special events and campaigns dedicated to other charities too! We will hold events throughout the year to raise money.


This is just a snapshot of all the things we do! If you'd like to find out more, visit us at our Welcome Meetin on Wednesday 29th of September, Sports Fair on Thursday 30th of September and Sports Day on Friday 1st of October, or visit our website or social media.

We cannot wait to meet you!

- The Devils Exec 2021/22

Upcoming Events

Warwick Devils - Bring a buddy
14th June 2pm - 4pm
Combat room -Sports hubs
Introductory stunt fixture with all funds being donated to charity


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