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The University of Warwick Badminton Club provides an excellent opportunity to play badminton and socialise in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Players have the oppurtunity to play either for leisure or more competitively - with five sessions a week, there is plenty of opportunity to improve general fitness and enhance your game.

No experience or equipment is required to join us, all shuttles are provided and rackets are available to members during sessions.

The club caters for new beginners through to those who play at on the international stage. Beginners have the oppurtunity to receive informal coaching from our performance athletes in a relaxed and friendly environment either through our dedicated 'Boost Badminton' program or at any club session just by chatting to the exec. Players looking for more cometitive play can choose to join our Warwick Active teams to compete directly against other members of the university, join our local league teams or trial for any of our seven BUCS teams. BUCS teams receive extra training sessions from our assistant coaches through the development training program. Those who compete at an elite level or desire to push themselves can opt for applying to our 'Platinum Performance Program', players in this program benefit from daily training sessions with our full time head coach Nic Strange. For the full details of this program email

Every term we host a plethora of social events from tours to tournaments. Our tours range from weekend trips away to local hotspots to week long journey to exotic lands. From the start of term 1 we will host a variety of other activities including nights out and our wonderful sober socials. Each term we post a planner containing all our planned official socials from meals out to ice skating and beyond. Our termly tournaments are incredibly popular with a usual head count of 75 people involved and cater to a wide variety of standards.

All of our badminton special events are live streamed to YouTube including our Tournaments, BUCS matches and Badminton England Tournaments for externals. Check us out there!! try it out below


How To Get Involved

Joining the badminton club is the same process as to joining any other On-Campus club and exact details can be found on the SU website here

If you want to sign up for our Freshers Newsletter, which you can do without having joined the club already, you can visit our website and use the form there!

Be sure to join our Facebook page and for more information, feel free to email us using the contact details below! 

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Current Elections

Badminton By-Election 2024

This election is specifically to elect Exec Committee members for Badminton. You will only be eligible to participate in this election if you are a member of the Society.

2 posts are up for election.

Nominations are now closed.

The polls are open and will close at 17:30 on Thursday 25 April 2024 (in 3 hours and 2 minutes)


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