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Cricket (Womens) Sports Club

University of Warwick Women's Cricket Club is an exciting and dynamic club with a wealth of activities and events held throughout the year to suit all members. We are one of the newest and fastest growing clubs on campus, making our club very inclusive and accommodating for all abilities.


Our training focuses on various aspects of cricket, including fitness, nets training, skills and match play. These sessions are open to all and are inclusive of all levels of experience. Some of our more advanced players can also be selectedd for mixed nets sessions with the men's development squads, in preparation for the BUCS outdoor season. Our sessions run by the captains are planned in such a way that it accomodates to everyone's interests, meaning no one feels like they're falling behind nor does anyone's cricket get restricted.

For beginners, we have opportunities to play casual cricket through training sessions and soft-ball tournaments, however, many of our benginners have gone on to play in competitive hard-ball cricket in Term 3, so you can make your UWWCC experience whatever you want it to be. We also have members who have played cricket before coming to university, who have benefitted massively from the club through training run by the captains as well as those run by an ECB coach, who comes in on a weekly basis to boost our training sessions. 

19/20 Training times TBC


We participate in both the indoor and outdoor BUCS leagues. These are inter-university matches that allow for universities to play competitively against each other in their chosen sport. Indoor matches occur in Term 1, and outdoor matches in Term 3. 


UWWCC never shy away from a good social. We hold various socials throughout the year, with a good balance of drinking and non-drinking events. Our past socials have included circling (sports night social), club meals and trampolining, as well as our annual Cricket Ball and, of course, TOUR. There is always something to look forward to in the women's cricket social calendar, and is another great way to get involved with the club. 


Follow us on our various social media accounts to find out more, and keep up to date on what we're gettting up to. Don't hesitate to contact us via Facebook if you have any questions or queries (

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