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Most improved society of 2000/2001!


The Warwick Thai Society is a cultural society aimed at promoting the uniqueness of Thai culture to the wider Warwick community. From the harmonious blend of spices that make up Thai cuisine and the serene Buddhist pagodas to the country's world famous nightlife, there is so much Thailand has to offer. 

Here at Warwick Thai Society, we organise many events and activities throughout the year. Previous events include a Thai food sale in the Chaplaincy, a performance in the One World Week fashion show, participation in Sammagi Games, and finally Thai Night- our biggest event of the year! Check out our Facebook page for regular updates. 

Our society is like no other. We are truly like one big family. Everyone knows everyone, we help one another, and we are inclusive to anyone who is interested in joining! You can easily join through the Warwick Student Union page - just click on Thai Society! 

Why YOU should join today:

An exclusive Thai Soc Membership Card that will give you access to  exclusive discounts for Thai Soc events, merchandise, as well as our at various Thai restaurants in the local area of Coventry, Leamington, and Kenilworth! 

Stay in Touch: 

Official Facebook Page

Official Instagram

Contact Us:

President: Apicha Chandavimol (Indy)


Vice President: Anutida Khamsiriwatchara (Nammon), Harusit Somboon (Parn)

nammon.khamsiriwatchara@warwick.ac.uk / parn.somboon@warwick.ac.uk





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