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Warwick Korean Society - Who are we?

The Warwick Korean Society prides itself on not only being one of the biggest, but also on being one of the most dynamic, and truly unique, societies at the University of Warwick.

Founded in 1996 to initially unite the Koreans at Warwick, we have rapidly established ourselves as a social, and cultural, hub within the Warwick community since officially joining the Warwick SU. Thanks to this increased interest, the WKS now represents members from every corner of the world.

As a society, our primary goal is to unite everyone of our members, including alumni, to create a solid networking platform on which members can interact to build a bright future. Moreover, as a cultural hub, our fundamental goal is to provide all our members with a genuine insight into Korea. This way, we hope to aid members to visualise Korea in various disciplines, ranging from cultural to political. The WKS offers various opportunities throughout the year, which are open to everyone. We hold regular public lectures with renowned speakers from various fields - such as finance, culture, and politics to name a few. Furthermore, we offer scholarships, mentor schemes, networking, and career opportunities.

On top of this, we also hold numerous cultural and social events. K-pop parties are held at local venues, which allow members to not simply socialise, but to also enjoy the music! Regular Korean-language classes are offered to anyone wishing to learn, and communicate, with our Korean members. Moreover, our film nights allow attendees to experience masterpieces of Korean cinematography, and needless to say, they can act as a learning process for those who are hoping to speak the language. Finally, during the festive seasons, we offer events with traditional Korean food and activities.   

The Warwick Korean Society also actively engages in sports both at intra and inter-campus levels. Annually, we participate in the university’s Ernst & Young football league, and basketball leagues, where we have been of much success. Not only that but we also compete against other Korean Societies in the UK.


-The Warwick Korean Society is more than just a cultural society.


What we do

We offer various opportunities throughout the year. We hold regular public lectures with renowned speakers from various fields from finance to politics. Moreover, we offer scholarships, mentor scheme and networking and career opportunities. We also organise social and cultural events.


  • Culturally...

-We provide Korean culture classes and seminars for anyone who is interested in learning the culture and Hangul - There are classes for both advanced/intermediate users and beginners.

-We offer a variety of social gatherings including Korean New Year gathering involving traditional festive food


  • Socially...

We organise K-pop parties at Catch22 (in Coventry) for those of you who simply cannot resist our truly wonderful music! - Also a great opportunity for anyone to socialise and network with the members of WKS

Furthermore, we compete in campus sports tournaments such as the Ernest Young Football league, basketball leagues.  Also we participate in Korean tournaments involving a number of Korean societies in the UK.


  • Career Advice & Opportunities

Career advice from the alumni group with the full-time or internship experiences are the unique opportunities that have been a great help for the members to create their own career paths and achieve career goals.

Also through our mentor scheme, postgraduate students can provide assistance with your career plans, further study plans and more.


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us @ koreansocietywarwick@gmail.com

Alternatively, please for more info, follow us on our

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/WarwickKoreanSociety

Instagram: Search "wks_2022"

Linkedin group: Search "Warwick Korean Society (WKS)"


Join us. Excel with us.


Exec Membership

Korean - President

Korean - Academics Officer

Korean - Secretary

Korean - Social Officer

Korean - Treasurer

Korean - Welfare Officer


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