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Freshblood New Writing

Freshblood New Writing

Freshblood New Writing

Freshblood New Writing is a drama and writing society that has specialised in new, student written theatre for over fifteen years. Across more than a decade of producing original student work we have done everything from full-length plays in the Warwick Arts Centre to radio plays, monologues, scratch nights, and so much more!

Whether you are interested in writing, directing, performing, producing or simply having a good laugh with one of the oldest and busiest societies on campus, Freshblood New Writing is the one for you.


So what do we do?


We like writing. We don’t just write plays! We are a hub for all forms of writing, so whether its screenplays, poetry, short stories, or an 800 page novel, come and join our community of writers! Every term, we host a scratch night, where anyone has the oppurtunity to read out pieces of their work, whether its merely first ideas, a work in progress, or a finished piece. The perfect place to share your ideas, and hear other peoples!


...and developing student material. If you've never penned a play before, or if you're itching to see some of your material realised on stage, our fantastic writers workshops are the best place to start. Every week our dramaturg runs a quick-fire writing workshop called 'Off the Cuff', where you get the chance to interact with fellow writers and develop your technique and ideas. Experience is absolutely not essential - its a relaxed space to develop your creatovity. Alternatively, we will always need budding performers to read and put the new material on its feet, so don't be put off if you're not a keen writer, we have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved!


We like plays. Here at Freshblood New Writing, we don't beat around the bush. We're a drama society. We like plays. And we like doing them. A lot. For example -

Every year, Freshblood Theatre hosts 'FreshFest', a drama festival which showcases a number of short, student-written plays. It sees the participation of a massive range of students whether they be performers, directors, writers, producers, designers, or tech crew.

Fancy writing something full-length? Our termly FreshFund allocates a small pot of money to a successful script and team, and supports you along the way to putting it on stage - whether that's in the black box studios of the Faculty of Arts Building, Avon Studio, Millburn House, or even outside!

Feel free to come along to our weekly writing workshop, 'Off The Cuff', hosted by us every Friday evening - weekly details are on Instagram!

And finally, since 2009 Freshblood Theatre have also produced a number of original plays that have been staged in the Warwick Arts Centre Studio - a professional venue situated in the heart of campus, with audiences made up of both the student population and the general public.

In addition to all that great stuff, we have taken shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and staged many, many more at student drama festivals across the country.


We like having socials. Speaks for itself, really. A variety of socials, from seeing plays, to bar crawls and drunk writing nights, to more relaxed sober socials. There is always something for everyone!


For regular updates, check out our instagram! (@freshbloodtheatre)


So what are you waiting for? Take your work from page to stage with Freshblood New Writing.


Exec 2023/24:

President: Lily Stripe

Secretary: Harry Molloy

Treasurer: Eoin Wright

Productions Manager: Polly Virgoe

Dramaturg: Emily White

Socials and Welfare: Ethan Sales

We suggest that all Freshblood members read and understand the written constitution as it is a requirement that all of our members adhere to the guidelines. If there are any questions about this, please contact Lily Stripe (President). Our Constitution can be found here.

So find us on Instagram @freshbloodtheatre

Facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/freshbloodtheatre


Exec Membership

Freshblood New Writing - President

Freshblood New Writing - Treasurer

Freshblood New Writing - Dramaturg

Freshblood New Writing - FreshFest Co-ordinator

Freshblood New Writing - Productions Manager

Freshblood New Writing - Secretary

Freshblood New Writing - Social Secretary

Freshblood New Writing - Socials and Welfare

Freshblood New Writing - Welfare Officer


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