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Chinese Society

Chinese Society

Warwick Chinese Society

The University of Warwick Chinese Society has been one of the most outstanding societies in the University of Warwick. For many, we refer to it simply as ChiSoc, a home for all members which they can trust and rely on.

We are promoting a more pro-active stance with the desire to revolutionise the ChiSoc. We yearn to promote a better understanding and to break racial and ethnicity barriers not only within the university community, but between Chinese people with different ethnic backgrounds. We also want to promote Chinese culture and the use of Mandarin; therefore we have organised events to reach this objective. Our society has an average of 200 members at the moment and is increasing in numbers by the day. We are proud to mention that our members come from diverse backgrounds. We work closely with other cultural societies in various events. We welcome members from all other ethnicities, race and religions as ChiSoc is not only for Chinese people, so please do not be afraid to approach us. We hope to bring the ChiSoc experience to everyone through our activities which range from our Mandarin Class to our well-known performance competition-The W-Factor. So do not miss out on these fun events and we haven’t even mentioned the perks you will be receiving.

We hope to form a single united society by breaking racial barriers and to promote a better understanding amongst our members. We believe that no one gets left behind as we aim to forge lifelong friendships and to establish good relationships not only with current members, but all former Chinese Society members who are welcome to join our Alumni as lifetime members. As tradition is an utmost important part of our heritage, we hope that we can preserve the ideologies of our past members and work to create our own traditions which we can leave to our future members. ChiSoc is not about what we want; it’s about what you want.


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