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Warwick Bandsoc

Welcome to Warwick BandSoc! 

BandSoc is a society for music lovers and bands - whatever your preferred genre we have the widest variety of bands and people as one of the university's largest and most active societies. Whether you're already making music or looking to get started, there will always be someone to jam with. We embrace all genres of music, whether it's folk or funk, rock or punk, jazz, blues, metal, latin, whatever. Come and make some music!

Despite our name we don't just cater for bands! Solo artists are entirely welcome, as is anyone interested in the technical or production side of music, or even non-musicians who are keen to get involved and support local live music. We offer the facilites to learn more about almost any music-related skill, so singers, instrumentalists, producers, technicians and so on can make the most out of BandSoc no matter what level you're at. 

We have access to our own fully equipped practice facilities on campus. Our practice room is located above the Dirty Duck, and is available every day at a fraction of the cost of those in the local area. We can also help you arrange gigs on campus and beyond and can provide assistance and advice regarding recording, promotion, transport and equipment. Just ask the friendly exec!

Our annual Battle of the Bands spectacular showdown happens throughout term 2, with up to 30 acts fighting it out to be known as the best band in the university. In the past, the event has attracted some of the biggest crowds seen at society-run events, and allows our members to showcase their talents to the university population at large.

For more information, and to find fellow musicians, join our discord server at Regular updates are also posted on our instagram @warwickbandsoc.

Exec for the 2022-23 year:

President: Taylor Adam

Vice President and Equal Opportunities Officer: Luke Green

Treasurer: Noah Bezuidenhoudt

Secretary and Welfare Officer: Robbie Marlow

Publicity Officer: Jasper Chance-Larsen

Head Technical Officer and Safety Officer: Ethan Stubley

Deputy Technical Officer: Oli Brown

Webmaster: Emre Ulusoy

Photographer: Noah Medd






You can email us at .


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