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Graphic Designing and Marketing Society

Graphic Designing and Marketing Society

Warwick Graphic Designing & Marketing Society

GDMS teaches Warwick students, step by step, everything about marketing.

As much as we all love theory, knowing the 4P's and 8C's by heart won't get you an internship. In marketing, experience is perhaps more important than in any other industry. 

So, if you want a career in anything marketing-related, you need something more than just theory. From building personas to social media, and from marketing automation to schema markups, we help students at all levels reach their learning goals. 

Warwick Graphic Design and Marketing Society exists to develop every member’s marketing and graphic design knowledge and skills, so that they can reach their personal, academic and career goals. We teach about the overwhelmingly huge professional world in ways and through media that University of Warwick students understand. 

Join us for a year filled with fun socials, workshops, events and more!


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