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Warwick AI

Warwick AI

The desire for AI in industry is fast turning into a need as we move into a data-centric world. We started this society to raise awareness and understanding of the intelligent machines whose existence we all benefit from every day, yet most happily ignore.

At Warwick AI, our aim is to show everyone how their disciplines are already benefiting from this field, and to teach techniques that we aim to see prominently on university syllabuses in future. We provide a friendly, growing environment for any practitioner from any level to learn from each other and share their journey through inspiring talks, lessons, projects and challenges.

The opportunities revealed by even the slightest understanding of this field cannot be ignored, so we are hoping to educate our members how far a little thinking outside the box can take them!

Video Transcript:

Artificial intelligence is no longer a theory dominated field where only experts can utilise its potential and has become accessible to anyone with a computer. Its primary function is to solve problems humans face from all fields of industry. AI emulates human cognition in the analysis, interpretation and comprehension of complicated data sets that enables solutions to emerge for a wide variety of problems.

Our exciting talks will bring different experiences in AI to you every week, where you can learn about the potential and dangers of AI. To recommend relevant and exciting content, so you never have to stop learning. To bring exciting ideas alive with student led projects, and to bring it all together into a thriving student community, where anything is possible. A good understanding of Artificial Intelligence unlocks a whole world of opportunities. We’re looking to bring that world to you.

The Connect pillar of our society is all about reaching out to experts and sharing their knowledge to us, students. Collaborating with many Warwick societies, we are excited to bring them in for our Summit to show some cutting-edge applications of AI.


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