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The Black Women's Project

The Black Women's Project

The Black Women’s Project is an organisation that develops Black female leaders at university with a focus on wellbeing and up-skilling throughout their time at university and as they launch into the start of their careers. We deliver this support by hosting our annual conference, our leadership academy and socials.

Initially, the BWP was a community organisation and forum founded in response to shocking statistics about Black women’s greater susceptibility to mental health
issues during and after university. Over the years, we have pivoted from a forum to an organisation that comprehensively supports and builds up our members. This is especially after having done market research, aggregating feedback and survey results, and scholarly research which is currently being drafted for publication this winter. In addition, the increase in the Black female student intake at Warwick, between 2014 and the present has highlighted changing needs. Therefore, the BWP's objectives have changed. Women now desire to develop as leaders with a focus on wellbeing and up-skilling.

We aim to respond to this by embodying our 360-degree approach to, ‘Be Well, Do Well, Lead Well’ by:


  • Encouraging our member to think about the longevity of their personal impact at university and in the workplace.
  • Cultivating, what we have coined, ‘sustainable and comprehensive leadership styles.’ These styles are aware of the social landscape that Black female leadership exists in and develops the appropriate strategy to navigate this successfully whilst prioritising personal wellbeing, personal impact and career development.
  • Leveraging the strength of community and the power of service to create thoughtfully designed experiences that help Black female leaders master themselves and their endeavors.
  • Bridging the skills and information gap necessary to enable our members to excel in their respective fields, experience social mobility, and empower them to confidently lead a life they are proud of.


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