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Get BUZZED for our Student Beekeeping Project!

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We have a student-run beehive that we would like more people to get involved in!

We’re looking for someone with little to no beekeeping experience but a lot of enthusiasm to take part in a pre-paid weekly introduction to beekeeping course in the local are throughout March, who will then be involved in maintaining and caring for our bees over the Summer, and into next year if possible! Unfortunately, we only have one pre-paid place left, so if you think you might be interested then please fill out this short application form and we will be in contact in mid-February to let you know if you’ve been selected to take up the place:

Similarly, if you are a student with previous beekeeping experience and would like to get involved without taking the introductory course, then there is a space on the application form where you can indicate this.
We are also happy to welcome any other beginners who are willing to fund themselves on this course, for which there may still be spaces available, which costs £70 and can be enquired about here:

For anyone looking to get involved and would like to arrange having a look at our current apiary, or if you fund yourself attending the introductory course, please contact Laura by email:


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