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Student Trustee

How can I become a trustee of Warwick SU ?

Please review the candidate briefing pack before completing this application form. The Equal Opportunities Monitoring Information should be completed and submitted separately to

Student Trustee Application Form

Closing date for applications: Noon on 24th April 2020

Personal Details

Please tell us how you fulfil the criteria

In each section below, please give a brief outline of how your skills, knowledge and experience fit the criteria. Please give demonstrable examples wherever possible to support your application.

Experience & Background

Please describe how your work experience or volunteering to date is relevant to the role of Trustee.

Key criteria:

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Key criteria:

Values, Attitudes & Personal Qualities

Please explain how your personal qualities would support your role as Trustee. .

Key criteria:

Why you want to be a Trustee?

Summarise why you want to be a Trustee and how you feel you could contribute to the Trustees’ work for the Students’ Union.


Are there any other facts, activities or connections which you feel might be raised in future about your suitability to hold the position of Trustee and Director at Warwick Students’ Union, for example because they present or may present a conflict of interest?

Charity Trustee Declaration

Please return this form with your Application Form for Trustee.

Below is a list of circumstances which may prevent you from becoming a Trustee.

You are not allowed to be a Trustee if you:

If you are in any doubt about your eligibility to act as a Trustee you should either seek your own legal advice or contact the Charity Commissioners.

You are not allowed to be a Trustee if you:

I have read and understood the criteria (above) for being a Trustee and confirm that I am eligible to become a Trustee in the event that I am appointed to the Board of Warwick SU.