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What are the benefits of being a Course Rep?

What are the benefits of being a Course Rep?

  • By attending the Union’s specially designed training events you will benefit from the tips of the Union’s Student Trainers for making the most of the opportunities you get from being a member of an SSLC.
  • By reading Students’ Union publications and talking to staff and the Union’s officers you will gain knowledge of issues in higher education.
  • Your experience as a Course Rep is a good starting point to get involved in any of the wide range of representative posts in the Students’ Union, from committee member right up to Sabbatical Officer.
  • Recognition of your contribution on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) at UG level.
  • You can develop transferable skills that will prove invaluable in years to come.

Transferable skills you may gain through being a Course Rep

  • Communication
    Being a good representative is about communicating with staff and students. You will find that your experiences of meetings and dealing with your constituents will improve your verbal and written language skills.
  • Organisation
    Many Course Reps play a proactive role in organising social events, second-hand book sales, student research presentations or open days.
  • Meeting skills
    Attending SSLC meetings should give you experience of formal meeting structures with a Chair, Secretary, agenda and minutes and familiarise you with how business is processed.
  • Negotiation skills and conflict management
    Your skills in these important areas will develop naturally through involvement in the SSLC system, as you help to resolve possible areas of disagreement and seek solutions to problems.
  • Time management
    It is an important skill to be able to fit your Course Rep commitments around your degree. You will get used to setting objectives and priorities to ensure that you make the best use of your time.
  • Public speaking and confidence
    It is possible that you will develop public speaking skills and become more confident, eg by making announcements in lectures to update students on the issues discussed at their SSLC.

Visit go.warwick.ac.uk/advantage/ to find out how Warwick Advantage can help you build on your skills gained through being a Course Representative. You may also be able to use your experiences as an Course Rep as evidence for a Warwick Advantage Award.