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We're Hiring! Work at the SU

We're hiring! Hear from Kim, Head Steward at the SU's outlets, about how working at the SU transformed her university experience and enhanced her employability.

We're hiring, join our team

We're hiring! Check out our fantastic jobs at the SU, based here on campus, with flexible working hours to fit around your studies.

  • Food and Beverage Assistants
  • Bar Assistants
  • First Aid Stewards
  • Stewards

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Why work at the SU?

Hear from Kim, Head Steward, about how working at the SU transformed her university experience and enhanced her employability:

I’ve worked in quite a few part-time jobs in my life: restaurants, museums, retail; you name it, I’ve done it. But never before had I worked in a club.  

This job has given me more than just a way to pay my rent. This job has been my family. The working culture at the SU is so positive and supportive that people want to come to work - coming into work feels like home to me. 

Without this job, I would not have found the netball club I attend and help run 4 times a week. I would not have met my best friend and I would not have the positivity and confidence that I have today. For some, this might just be some part time work so they can afford takeaways, etc., while they study, but working at the SU has given me life skills I needed to develop as an employee, as a friend and as a person. It's obvious that SU management make such an effort to ensure that all students enjoy SU events.

I’ve now completed my degree and I am now going to live in London with my best friend who I met working here, where we’re both going to be working our grad jobs. I do not doubt that I would not have gotten my job if I had not worked at the SU. At my final interview, a director said that he was shocked at how small I am because he saw 'Head Steward' on my LinkedIn! Pretty much every example scenario in the countless interviews I have done this year have come from working for the SU.

I honestly doubt that I would even still be at uni without this job. Not only because I wouldn’t be able to pay my massive rent, but because I was made to feel valued and competent. The SU will continue to have a positive impact on both student staff and students for years to come.


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