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Welcome Week and Freshers 2018 - official group info

It’s about this time of year that we start receiving enquiries from prospective students and their parents about various ‘Warwick Freshers’ groups on Facebook which are already advertising what they claim to be the "biggest moving-in events" of the Welcome period.

Unfortunately, the groups in question are NOT official, nor do these events even take place on campus – in actuality, they are completely unconnected to either the University of Warwick or its Students’ Union (SU). Sadly, we experience problems with this situation every year, as external promoters pretend that the events they're running are part of the official Welcome Week (or "Freshers") programme, and students are duped into parting with cash for events they often don't end up going to! Many members of these groups are paid reps who aren’t past, current or future Warwick students, while the groups themselves are often used as data-gathering exercises. Official groups will never ask for your personal details (e.g. course, email address or phone number) when joining, and we advise students not to give this out!

The official Facebook group for incoming Warwick students can be found HERE. This group is administered by staff and student officers at Warwick Students' Union, and is the best place to meet actual Warwick students!

This is also the place where we will post all details of the official campus Welcome Week programme as soon as it's confirmed. You don’t need to worry about missing out on any events at this stage – preliminary details of the schedule aren’t usually announced until A-Level Results day (via, while tickets don’t go on sale until enrolment opens in mid-September.

We've also set up official Halls Groups for each of the campus residences - once again, please be wary of any other groups, as these are not set up by anyone affiliated with the University of Warwick:

* HERONBANK: (joint group with Lakeside)
* LAKESIDE: (joint group with Heronbank)

The dates of this year's Welcome period are as follows:

* Arrivals Weekend: 22nd-23rd September
* Welcome Week: 24th September - 1st October
* Term starts: 1st October

So! Sit back, relax and accept no substitutes for Welcome Week 2018. We look forward to meeting you all in September/October!

For more information on unofficial Facebook groups and events, see The Guardian's article HERE.


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Welcome Week and Freshers 2018 - official group info

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