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Update your HEAR transcript before 1st June

Please find below important information for all students about making sure your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is up to date!

What is HEAR? 

Your Higher Education Achievement Report will be issued as an electronic document and will give you a fuller record of your achievements whilst at university. It will include information about volunteering and sporting achievement, positions held at the Students' Union and prizes won as well as information about module marks and the Degree Classification awarded. It is hoped that this additional information will prove useful to both graduates entering the job market and to employers. 

Who gets it? 

All undergraduates will receive a formative version of their HEAR, however graduating finalists will shortly receive a finalised copy that can be shared with employers in the future. 

The HEAR is in its early stages, so for the time being the following groups will not be receiving a HEAR: Medical Students and Postgraduates. 

What goes on my HEAR? 

Aside from the academic aspects to the HEAR, extra-curricular activities will be included. These are: 

  • Society Exec Positions 

  • Sports Execs Positions 

  • Inspire Volunteers 

  • SSLC members 

  • Part-time Officers, Union Council members, Committee and Forum members 

  • Student Trustees 

It is being made very clear to employers that this is not an exhaustive list of activities and it in no way places a value judgement on one type of activity over another, these were just the activities which could be quantified and verified. 

Check what's on your HEAR 

You can double check what’s on your HEAR by logging on to the Warwick SU website

If you think something is incorrect on your HEAR, please email This email will only deal with SU related activities. You will need to contact the University Student Records Team for academic arrangements. (

Please note the following before emailing Student Records: 

1.      Awards, achievements etc. that are for the current year will not show in the HEAR until August - therefore, please do not send emails to Student Records Management asking for these to be included now.

2.      Historic omissions need to be ratified by either the SU or your Academic Department. Student Records Management cannot amend your HEAR solely on the request of a student. In the first instance, please contact the SU or your Department, who will forward your request to Student Records Management.

3.      If there is an error (rather than an omission), please contact Student Records Management.

But I don't want a HEAR… 

All students will receive a HEAR, as it forms the official record of your studies at the University, including module marks and your degree result. However you can opt, if you wish, to exclude certain additional information. There is an opt-out stage for activities that are run through the SU, which ensures that you will have complete control over your data. 

You can choose to opt out of us giving your data to the University by logging on to the Warwick SU website and unticking a particular activity. Make sure you click 'Update'. You MUST do this before midnight on Friday 1st June 2018. 

Once the University has your information and your HEAR has been produced, employers or other individuals can only see your HEAR if you "invite" them to access it.  

Sensitive Data – MUST READ 

The following groups have been identified as potentially sensitive data groups, so the SU requires you to log on to the link above and actively click 'UPDATE', otherwise your data will not be passed on to the University and will therefore never appear on your HEAR. This precaution has been taken to ensure that no sensitive data will be passed on without your consent. Make sure you carefully read your information and then click 'update' before Friday 1st June 2018. As your account has been identified as 'sensitive' none of the information in it will be sent without your express permission. These groups are: 

  • Amnesty 

  • Buddhist Society 

  • Cath Soc 

  • Christian Focus 

  • Christian Union 

  • Green Party 

  • Hindu 

  • Islamic Society 

  • Israeli-Jewish Society 

  • Krishna Consciousness 

  • Liberal Democrats 

  • Sikh Society 

  • Warwick Anti-Racism Society 

  • Warwick Anti-Sexism Society 

  • Warwick Atheists, Secularists & Humanists 

  • Warwick Conservatives 

  • Warwick Enable 

  • Warwick Labour 

  • Warwick Pole 

  • Warwick Pride 

  • Warwick STAR 

This also applies to Part-Time Liberation and Diversity Officers, if you are Undergraduate Finalists:  

  • Trans Students’ Officer 

  • Disabled Students’ Officer 

  • LGBTUA+ Officer 

  • Women’s Officer 

  • Ethnic Minorities Officer 

  • Environment and Ethics Officer 

  • International Students’ Officer (EU) 

  • International Students’ Officer (non-EU) 

  • Part-Time and Mature Students’ Officer 

For more information about HEAR in general, please?visit the University's HEAR page


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