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UniCycle scheme - info for students

The bike hire scheme on campus called ‘Unicycles at Warwick’ operates with an infrastructure of dedicated hubs and docking stations that enable you to book, remove and return a bike anytime during your time at Warwick.  There are other bike hire schemes in operation in the UK and worldwide which do not operate with this infrastructure, and these are commonly known as a ‘dockless’ bike hire scheme.

The success of our campus scheme can be attributed to it having this infrastructure which provides easy and accurate access to bikes, reduces damage and helps to maintain a balanced and accessible distribution of bikes for you when needed. It also contributes to the University maintaining the presentation of the campus to the high standards you expect and enjoy.

This is a request to all users of the Unicycle successful bike hire scheme to return bikes to the dedicated hubs and docking stations on campus when you hire them. If the hub is full of bikes when you return yours, please park it as close as possible to the hub and secure it with the cable lock to a fixed item such as a signpost. This will help the University maintain the scheme so that you have access to hire the bikes when and where you want to use them.

In the terms and condition of hire there is an option for the operator, Nextbike, to impose a fee on any member who persistently does not return a bike to a hub or station.  We do not want to have to impose this fee on our students, and therefore your cooperation to this request would be appreciated.

- The University Transport Team


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