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SU wins on Study Space

We know that improving Study Space on campus continues to be one of the top priorities for students at Warwick. With successive Officer teams having taken up the challenge, we’ve managed to achieve several key wins on this over the last couple of years, from successfully creating a study space finder tool on the mywarwick app to opening up more seminar rooms for study (see previous Officer blog posts here and here for more information). We’ve also worked closely with the University to create a strategy and policy principals for study space.

Outgoing SU President and former Education Officer Liam Jackson has been lobbying persistently behind the scenes for improvements in this area during the last two years, and the SU is now extremely pleased to announce that University Council has just signed off on a £2 million investment in study space, which will commence during the coming academic year!

Once again, this is a fantastic result for student organising and lobbying, and really goes to show how much of a difference our persistence can make in the long-run! Watch this space for more details as soon as we have them.


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