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SU statement on Stagecoach policy progress

Following the ‘Stagecoach: Stop Taking Us For A Ride’ motion in Term 3’s referenda, which passed with the highest turnout for any motion in the history of the SU, we wrote to Stagecoach with the following demands:

  • To resume replacing lost bus passes at a minimal cost to students.
  • To improve their out-of-term bus service
  • To improve their technology to allow contactless payment on their vehicles.

We have received no satisfactory response to these demands and, as a result, are now taking action.

In our letter to the company, we made it clear that if they would not resume the replacement of lost bus passes, the SU would no longer promote Stagecoach or allow Stagecoach to promote or sell its products within Union buildings until this policy is reversed. Since our demands have not been met, we therefore have no other option but to enact this stance until we are convinced that action will be taken and meaningful progress made on the issue.

We are now asking students to send us their testimonials about Stagecoach's service so that we can compile these as evidence! Send your feedback anonymously via our 'RAGECOACH' webform HERE.


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SU statement on Stagecoach policy progress

We have received no satisfactory response to the demands outlined in the ‘Stagecoach: Stop Taking Us For A Ride’ motion and, as a result, are now taking action.

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