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SU Articles of Association – what they are and why we’re changing them!

If you are a student at the University of Warwick, you are also a member of the Students’ Union (SU). We are currently revising the SU’s Articles of Association, and all members of the SU have the right to vote on this issue under Company Law!

Company Law specifies that this vote needs to be conducted in person rather than online, so we would like to invite you to attend a meeting on 19th June at 12:30pm in H0.51 (Humanities Building) to cast your vote. It will only take a few minutes to vote on this important issue, and will hopefully provide a bit of distraction before the Sports Ball that evening. As an added incentive, there will of course be FREE PIZZA courtesy of the good folk at Domino’s!

We would like you to consider the new governing document HERE (basically: do you agree with the changes or not?), then either come to the meeting to vote OR appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf

If you would like to appoint someone to vote on your behalf, you can fill in THIS FORM. Please return it to us either by taking a photo and emailing it to, or by filling out a hard copy and returning it to SUHQ Reception (where printed copies will also be available). Please note that proxy notices have to be served 48 hours before the meeting, EXCLUDING weekends – so the deadline to return this to us will be 12.30pm on Friday 15th June 2018.


What are the Articles of Association? 

Every charitable company has to have a governing document which details how the organisation works. Warwick SU’s Articles of Association do exactly that – they set out who the Trustees are, the charitable purposes of the organisation and who the members are. There’s also procedural information about how we run meetings and take decisions. The current document can be found HERE.

A lot of the detail is set out in the SU’s Bye-Laws – we will be looking at these again after we’ve finished this piece of work! Student Council and the Trustees look after these, so there will be nothing we’ll be asking you to contribute to this process. 

Why do we need to change them?

The Articles of Association themselves say we have to review them every 5 years, so that’s why we’re reviewing them now. 

What is changing?

Most of the changes are wording revisions to reflect current Company and Charity law, or to make the current meaning clearer – they are not material changes, and don’t affect the way that anything is done.

However, the proposed material changes are as follows: 

* We’ve suggested changing the name of our All Student Meetings to All Student Votes, because the current name has been deemed confusing. 

* We’ve made it clearer about how our non-Sabbatical Officer Student Trustees are appointed, and the role that Student Council and the Trustees play in that. Currently, it’s been a bit of a mess which has proven confusing for candidates and Student Council alike! If you want to see all the details, please look at Article 32. 

* Best practice in the sector is to limit the length of time that Lay Trustees can be in office to no more than 4 years, and to serve no more than 2 terms. Currently, we say 3 years and 2 terms. Article 33.2 suggests increasing the maximum term to no more than 4 years, thus hopefully giving us more flexibility in order to better support the Board. 

* The Board can set up any sub-committees required to carry out work – and, from time to time, they review these to see what works best. At the moment, the governing document says they need to have specific committees. Article 42 takes out that detail, allowing them to determine what is required. The Board may decide to keep any current committees, but this revision means that they are not obliged to do so if that doesn’t work best.

* The Chair of the Board of Trustees is ALWAYS an elected student Officer, in the form of the SU President. However, being the Chair of a charity board is a challenging role, and so the Deputy Chair of the Board is always one of the Lay Trustees to give external support to the Chair. We’ve added this into the Governing document. 

* Another measure we currently have in place which is not in the current governing document stipulates that no member can hold more than one seat on Student Council at any one time. We have therefore added this in. 


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